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3 Top Secret Methods I Use To Dominate You

cock and ball torture makes me happy!

Prepare to Impress Me!

You may think it’s no secret that I dominate you. After all, you’ve been calling me (or constantly thinking about calling me) for years.

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Of course I dominate you.

Did you know, however, that I have very specific methods that I use to completely possess and rule you? No really! It’s not an accident that you hear my voice in your head, compelling you to do dirty and depraved things, all for the pleasure of describing your adventures to me later.

You may wonder why I’m telling you about the top secret ways I dominate you. After all, once you know about my methods, won’t you be on your guard?

Actually, I dominate you so completely that it’s completely safe to tell you how I’m doing it; you’re powerless to resist me regardless of whether you’re aware of my methods or not.

  1. You confess all of your secrets to me. I completely disarm you with my sweetness and you tell me things you’ve never told anyone. As the words leave your mouth, you’re amazed you’re saying them. Once I know all of your secrets, then I own your mind. I know all of the humiliating details of your life–and you can be sure we’ll be adding to that list very soon.
  2. I never give myself to you, and you never fully know or understand me. I remain an elusive mystery. You wish more than anything you could possess me just a little, but I always slip from your fingers like sand. I’m not to be possessed or owned, and that makes me irresistible.
  3. I’m impervious to your cries and supplications. Simply put, it doesn’t bother me that I cause you discomfort and, in many cases, pain. Pain is the vehicle through which your spirit is broken, and pain makes you a better boy. Most women can’t stand to see or hear a man in distress–why do you think so many of us fell for the “blue balls” fallacy back in the day? I am not one of those women collapsing under the weight of your neediness. You are uncomfortable, and things are exactly as they should be.

Face the facts. I own you, and I always will. You’re never going to escape the hold I have on you, and you don’t even want to get away. Submitting to me is a delicious, fulfilling experience.

Just give in to it and make us both so much happier.

4 comments to 3 Top Secret Methods I Use To Dominate You

  • andy

    very good mistress piper so right in many ways

  • Petey cream puff

    I did what you posted and mentioned this to my masseuse. I told her I like to wear women’s clothes as it was escape. She asked if I was gay and I told her no. Then she asked if I like to wear lingerie/bra/panties to bed and I told yes to her. Then I asked if it was ok if I could go shopping with her & her gfs and she said yes. Then we had girl talk and she asked if I wanted to buy purses from her and I said I would. She noticed bra I had which was sane that she did but she had black bra and I had burgundy bra and she measured/fitted me in bra and had he wear it. Then week later she told me to bring my dresses to try on for her which I did. It was thrill/huge turn on to do this for her. She’s married but told me not to worry about her husband.

    Fast forward to now. I was set to go into coffee shop with her but pulled out as I didn’t have funds. She was upset/mad/embarrassed as she did lots of work meeting with city only fur me to pull out. Now it’s strained friendship😞😢. I still go to her for massages but not the same friendly chatting we had. She did say she wants pictures of me in dress I bought from her friend along with me wearing bra/panties/slip/heels/lipstick. I think for pulling out of coffe shop she’s going to use this against me. I’m iffy about this. I want to have her dress me and make me her cream puff but I feel she can hit send and I’ll be exposed. Needless to say she has her make dug into me and isn’t planning on letting me go. What do you think I should do?

  • princess

    I LOVE exposing my secrets and having them used in humiliating ways to make me a better slave! Great post Ms Piper!

  • Ms Piper, sweetness, firm boundaries and the feminine mystique all leveraged perfectly by a beautiful Mistress. All of which your pets require.

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