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Beta Penis Cuckold to Mistress, “Will You Write About Me On Your Blog?”

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You Belong At My Feet, Cuckold!

You do know what a beta-penis cuckold is, don’t you? It’s a cuckold with a small penis and a personality to match.

I have one beta-penis cuckold always begging me to write about him on my blog. I’ve actually written about him before, but the begging continues, so here we are.

Poor little beta penis cuckold always wants to listen to me faking my orgasms so he can imagine what it’s like to hear a woman cum–not that any woman would ever cum on his little babee boner!

So what do you think, cuckold? Is this enough small penis humiliation, or do we need to tell everyone your little secret?

See, this little cuckold was so weak and wimpy that he told his own girlfriend his friend had a bigger cock. Keep in mind that he hadn’t even sealed the deal with this girlfriend–he preemptively told her about his friends’ bigger cock so she wouldn’t even waste her time with his disappointing penis.

That’s right! He didn’t EVEN have sex with his girlfriend before he was selling her on his friends’ cock!

No wonder you’re stuck playing with your little pee pee and asking me to gasp and moan the way I do when my boyfriend “has coitus” with me–you don’t have the penis OR balls to take care of a woman!

But in the end, I do love my little beta-penis cuckold because I know he’s completely devoted to me. See, that’s one thing beta-penis cuckolds have going for them. They’re not going anywhere once you have your hold on them.

Isn’t that right, little beta boy cuckold?

6 comments to Beta Penis Cuckold to Mistress, “Will You Write About Me On Your Blog?”

  • Hahaha, it’s so cute when they make that request! It seems like the number of guys with a beta-penis is growing. Or maybe they’re just discovering us Femdoms in greater numbers. Believe me, I’m NOT complaining. These beta bitches are a source of endless entertainment and just further proof of why we ladies are superior by design. So yeah, bring on the teeny peckers!

    • Piper

      Oh I get you, Ms. Alexis! I’m not sure the number of beta bitches is growing. I think the beta boys are finding out that all of those schemes women were running on them through the years were planned and by design–right about the time they find out about Femdoms! Femdoms are like all of the merciless teases in college combined. How can a teeny weenie boy resist that?

  • Hi Mistress Piper!

    It’s been a while since we had fun together, I miss you! So I hopped on over to see what you are up to and look what I find! I’m laughing and giggling knowing full well you have the beta-boy cuckold by his nuggets! Thanks for sharing , I enjoyed your post!
    See you around the Empire!

  • Ms. Piper,

    I have a confession to make. You may be seeing more of these meatless wonders due my assisting the United States Government in spiking certain water systems through out the Country with a Cock Shrinking Serum.

    Washington, DC, was of course skipped due to the plethora of small cocks which are indigenous to the area.

    I have a new Patent coming out that is a GPS System small enough to attach to these Meatless Wonders!

    No longer will Women through out the World have to strain their vision trying to locate these packageless packettes!

    You will be one of the first recipients for the GPS Beta run on your Beta Bitches!

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