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This just in: MILF Mistresses are hotter than ever, and we want to make sure we don’t allow you to forget that!

Many of you know that I’m a little older than I look, and I’m one of the official “mature” MILF Mistresses here at LDW. Of course, the ‘M’ in MILF stands for ‘mom.’ You may wonder if I put the ‘mom’ in MILF, and as a matter of fact, I do. It’s not something I talk about a lot, and it’s not something I wish to offer up for general consumption, but you heard it here first: Ms. Piper is a true MILF!

I have a little nugget I just wrote for a blog that just got released as a shared group blog: Make sure you check out the hot audio that accompanies it, and enjoy!

Mature MILFs Like Ms. Piper Know What They Want: To Own You

As a mature MILF femdom Mistress, I hear it all the time: women like me know what they want.

And this is true. I do know what I want. I do wonder, though, whether YOU know what I want. If you did, I doubt you’d be so casual in your approach with me.

See, a MILF femdom wants more than a quick little thrill. At this stage of my life, thrilling men are a dime a dozen. I’ve outgrown simple thrills long ago.

I want more than a little romp. I want to thoroughly possess and establish ownership of you and, especially, your cock.

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