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Cocksucking Double Dip! Bi-Curious Husband and a Punished Sissy Bimbo

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If you know me, then you know I love stuffing dick in a man’s (and sissy’s) mouth! Here are two extra hawt posts for you to enjoy about one of my favorite subjects!

(don’t forget to check out the free erotic audios with each post!)

Mistress Piper Teaches a Bi-Curious . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Double Dip! Bi-Curious Husband and a Punished Sissy Bimbo

My Sissy Cum Dumpster At The Bathhouse

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Can You Handle The Heat?800-356-6169

Because you’re such a slutty sissy, I had to come up with a special assignment, one that would make you huff and puff with excitement.

It wasn’t enough that I watched you get your face fucked and spread your legs for your boyfriend on cam. It wasn’t enough . . . → Read More: My Sissy Cum Dumpster At The Bathhouse

The Power of (Kinky) Habit

cock and ball torture makes me happy!

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I read an interesting book recently called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. I originally picked it up to learn about habits unrelated to work and kink, but quickly realized the book was basically saying the same thing I’ve been saying for ages:

Once you establish . . . → Read More: The Power of (Kinky) Habit

Lick it up…..

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Nope, I don’t look it, but I am definitely a child of the 80’s. Big teased blonde hair, jelly bracelets all the way up my arm, HUGE silver hoop earrings, neon pink oversized sweatshirt sliding off one shoulder, short little black skirt (my dad thought I . . . → Read More: Lick it up…..

Panty Stealing Faggot Wannabe Craves Humiliation

Call me and get *your own* nasty assignment!800-601-6975

So yesterday I spoke to a little faggot wannabe, and she was craving some hard core humiliation.

That’s nothing new; this┬ápanty slut always calls me when she needs an especially rough mind fuck. What was unusual, however, was that I allowed her to cum.

I . . . → Read More: Panty Stealing Faggot Wannabe Craves Humiliation

Ahhh….So You’re Craving Cum?

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It’s a common affliction for you cum eating perverts, isn’t it? You don’t really care how you get it, you just need it now.

At least, that’s what you think when you’re furiously flailing at your cock. It sounds so sexy when I call you all those nasty names: . . . → Read More: Ahhh….So You’re Craving Cum?

Wife Has Outgrown Your Starter Penis

I’ll let you spread my legs if you’ll be my cream pie cleaner800-356-6169

You love it and you hate it, don’t you–the fact your wife craves a real man’s cock?

I imagine it’s quite a relief, finally admitting to what you’ve known all along: you just don’t have what it takes to satisfy . . . → Read More: Wife Has Outgrown Your Starter Penis

Once You Go Black, Can You Ever Go Back?

Yes, it’s as good as it looks.800-356-6201 for a taste.

By far, the favorite dick of cock suckers everywhere is black. One might even wonder why white guys even try, given all the hype. One of my clients loves to look at pictures of big black cock with more girth than a bicycle . . . → Read More: Once You Go Black, Can You Ever Go Back?

Open Wide For Ms. Piper!

Open wide like a good boy!

I can always tell when one of my boys is into sucking cock. He tells me on which site he saw me, and he can barely form the words “Suck Patrol.”

(click here and listen to this post in my sexy voice!)

You’re a little shy about . . . → Read More: Open Wide For Ms. Piper!

Naughty Feet

Do my feet give you dirty thoughts?

I gave my boyfriend a foot job the other day, and I loved the sexy feeling of his cock sliding between the arches of my feet. He had never had a foot job before, and he was surprised at how great it felt.

Yummm . . . . . → Read More: Naughty Feet