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Is Your Face a Pleasing Perch for Mistress?

Your goddess needs a place to sit!

I have a subbie who likes to call me quite frequently to talk about me sitting on his face.

(click here to listen to me read this in my sexy voice)

He gets quite turned on thinking about his nose fitting into my “groove.” My groove, . . . → Read More: Is Your Face a Pleasing Perch for Mistress?

New Teaser Audio!

Hard to pass on a lovely tongue.

Hmmmm…..thinking all kinds of dirty thoughts

I just recorded a new teaser audio for Be My Throne. It hasn’t been posted over there as of yet, but I wanted my lovely blog readers to be the first to preview it.

I’m having a few issues with my microphone, so the audio is not as great . . . → Read More: New Teaser Audio!