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I’ve been a busy girl, typing away with my eager little fingers! I have two sexy new posts to thrill you. And make sure you check out the free erotic audios with these posts as well. Enjoy!

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Does Cock Sucking Always Lead to Cock Fucking?

I personally think that, once you’ve gotten a dick shoved in your mouth, it’s only a matter of time before you go bottoms up for your man. Cock suckers eventually become cock fuckers!

Many of you will argue, however, that you only like cock sucking, and have no desire to have a cock crammed in your asshole. You merely want to lick a big shaft, tongue a hairy set of balls, and suck a load of cum out of a manly meat pole.

I can see your point: nobody who loves to get his throat re-plumbed would ever want to spread his ass cheeks and give up his fuck hole for a real man. Of course not. That would be gay. Anal sex is only for faggots, right?

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Pricktease Mistress Piper Doesn’t Offer Orgasm Guarantees

Just because you have been mercilessly tormented by a pricktease Mistress like me, don’t think you automatically get to cum.

I know you think you’re just going to die if you don’t get your release, but I promise you that is not the case. I don’t care if your balls are the color of red potatoes, you will only cum if I allow it. I actually prefer you when you’re horny and squirmy anyway. Men get so boring after they cum!

I have to laugh at you because you got lured in by the thoughts of having an explosive orgasm after a hardcore tease session.

It is true that tease and denial does lead to explosive orgasms–but only if I allow you to cum!

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