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Cum On Your Face Humiliation and Women Don’t Spread Their Legs For Cuckolds

Today I’m bringing you two more HOTTT posts I’ve recently posted around the Empire. Enjoy!

Cum On Your Face Humiliation With Ms. Piper

I know you NEED to serve me

So today I had a caller ask me why I didn’t like to suck cock and let a guy cum on my face. He tried to explain to me that it’s not disrespectful to cum on a woman’s face!

Of course, I know better. Cumming on anyone’s face is a sign of ownership, of making someone your bitch. Even if this guy actually believed his bullshit about it being about “give and take” when a woman allows a man to do that, on some level he knows what’s really going on.

Which is precisely why I love to humiliate you cum sluts by sending you to get a face full of jizz. Sometimes I make you suck a cock to get it on your face. Sometimes I make you save up your own cum and smear it on your face!

Simply put, cum belongs on a humiliation whore’s face, not on a woman’s (and most DEFINITELY not on mine!)

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Women Don’t Spread Their Legs for Cuckolds

Too bad I won’t be spreading my legs for you, cuckold!

When was the last time you saw a pussy? Okay, let me clarify: when was the last time a woman spread her legs to let you fuck her?

Oh, that long ago? It’s true that women don’t spread their legs for cuckolds. Women want a real man who knows how to use his cock to make a woman fulfilled. It’s not even necessarily about cock size (although, larger is generally much MUCH better). Keeping a woman satisfied means that a man not only has a cock of a suitable size, but he knows how to use it.

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3 comments to Cum On Your Face Humiliation and Women Don’t Spread Their Legs For Cuckolds

  • Cum on the face is for sissy sluts and cuckold bitches!!!Either of those two can drain a set of balls at lightning speed , if need be. What don’t some men understand about femdom? If a woman is in charge of a relationship(i.e.female-led)why does she need to suck cock? She doesn’t!

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Piper, I can see how having a man cum on my face would be viewed as a sign of ownership. If given a chance do you think an alpha male would really cum all over a losers face? The alpha male could hold back and feel sorry for me.

  • Both posts make so much sense. If you aren’t into being humiliated there’s no way you’d like to have a guy Cum on your face. I’ve always wanted to receive a facial (I’ve given myself one before) because I love being humiliated.

    Of course no woman would want to spread her legs for a Cuckold. Heck even I wouldn’t spread my legs for one. I want a real man who knows how to fuck and take control not someone who doesn’t have that Masculine urge to fuck me into submission.

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