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New Photos…..MUUUUUCH Better!

New sexy pictures are on the way!

So remember I told you that PhotoFriend and I were having a bit of an artistic disagreement about the photos he whipped up for me?

He was kind enough to give me a lovely boob job (that I never asked for), and he also got a little heavy handed with my face. Well, we had our little come to Jesus Piper talk, and he saw things in a better light. He apologized for the boob job, and he explained that he’d misunderstood what I wanted as far as my face.

He just sent me some updated pics, and they are MUCH better. I look like myself again! (Well kinda–you know what I mean, lol!)

I have two pics here to kind of show you what we’re talking about. First of all, my eye color has changed. (Cue Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl”!) He also darkened my eyebrows and worked some other magic to suggest that I’m not a natural blonde. He also removed the (what I call) beauty marks on my lower cheek and by my eye (I have another one on the other side of my face, and he’s removing that one when it shows).

There are a few other “tweaks” done to my face, but I think they’re subtle enough to not give me a heart attack. I have to tell you, it was disturbing to see my face not my own–and I was really worried about how it was going to go over with all of you.

Needless to say, I have some seriously sexy photos to come. I have had so much fun with them, and I’ve shocked myself a little with what I’m willing to show. I think I’m a lot more confident after toying with my little pets for so long. I promise you are going to LOVE them! (I love them too!)

Thanks to all of your for understanding why I have to put on a little disguise of sorts, and for indulging me. This has been FUN (and VERY sexy)!



10 comments to New Photos…..MUUUUUCH Better!

  • looking forward to seeing

  • Beautiful, Ms. Piper!

    It’s funny that I did not notice all of the “tweaks” on you!! I think the very slight differences will be enough to let you feel free to be more sexy. I know that when I wear from my assortment of wigs or put on a costume at Halloween, I just FEEL more sexy! I am so glad you are expressing yourself through photos again! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

    *Honestly, I really don’t see a difference here*

    Happy picture taking!!

    • Piper

      Thank you, Ms. Delia. To be honest, I think part of the miscommunication between me and PhotoFriend was simply the fact that I didn’t know what I wanted, because I had no idea what was possible! I appreciate your encouragement, and your advice! 🙂

  • Tinkerbell

    Hi Mistress Piper, you are so beautiful, I wish I could look half as good as you, then I could get all of the cock I need and want. I haven’t been with a woman for over 10 years. The last woman I was with, we worked together, she said I was the smallest she had ever seen. After a few drinks, to her amusement, I confessed that I liked to dress as a girl and be a sissy. That evening, my life changed. She dressed me in a light blue shirt nightgown with matching panties, did my makeup and fixed a wig for me to wear. She took pictures of me and then, she told me I was to become her sissy slut girlfriend. She proceeded to introduce my ‘pussy’ to her dildo and rode me on and off all night long. She thought it was so funny when I had a ‘sissy orgasm’ while she was in my pussy. That was the first time I licked up cum. For the next 4+ years I have as her sissy. Sucking her dildo on command, cleaning her after she had real sex with a real man and having her ride my pussy until exhaustion. For at least 5 days each month I had to wear panty liners and change them three times each day while we were at work. sometimes she would walk over to my desk and in front of the other employees give me a liner and say “it’s time to change yours”. I was so embarrassed but I could say anything because she had all those pictures of me dressed as a female, sucking her dildo and also being f***ed by her.

    She found a guy she really liked and moved out of state, so I really miss her. My one major regret is that she never turned our fantasy of me being with a real man with into reality. I was wondering if you could help me realize this dream. I think about it constantly, everyday or more, but I just haven’t had the courage to move forward. Can you help a sissy who wants the true real experience of being F***ed and sucking cock? Thanks…

    • Piper

      I actually can, tinkerbell! I have helped many sissies just like you cross over from fantasy into reality! I’d love to discuss what we could accomplish together. Shoot me an email, or give me a call! 🙂

  • Miss Piper, I have no doubt you look terrific in the new photos and all your fans anxiously awaits them. Why photoshop when there is so much feminine beauty to see?

  • Mistress Piper,

    It is a slippery slope we lead here. On the one hand, our own minds are open and welcoming to diversity and non judgmental. But alas the world is not caught up and the stigma that might come to your little’s isn’t worth it. There too, are those in our world who would do us harm.

    I also think that if you’re photog friend does a bit of selective focus on the pics (think Ms Cindy’s latest blog and pics) to place focus on those sexy boots, or whatever and away from your face it will help as well.

    I cannot wait to see your new sexy pics! I’m so glad you’ve been able to come to a compromise!

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