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Sneaky Cuckold Spying and Denied Strokers Get to Cum!

I have some posts you don’t want to miss posted to our group blogs! Don’t forget to check out the free erotic audios posted with both of them.

Gotta love spank bank freebies!

For Once Ms. Piper May Allow Orgasm Denied Strokers to Cum

This doesn’t happen often, so you should listen up! Here’s your chance to earn an orgasm from Ms. Piper.

Just so you know, there is very little I enjoy more than telling a whining, crying, horny, frustrated stroker like you I will deny your orgasm. That sound when the air goes out of you once you realize I won’t be changing my mind, when your heart breaks, ahhhh it is a delicious sound! I can dine on that for weeks.

Will Ms. Piper allow you to orgasm, denied stroker?

I want all of you.

You will be so happy when you finally do release a big splat, but you’ll do plenty of sweating leading up to it. Do you agree to follow the orgasm edging rules and promise not to complain?

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Ms. Piper’s Advice to a Sneaky Cuckold Husband Spying on His Hot Wife

You should be ashamed of yourself, sneaking around, spying on your hot wife and her bull lover with your hand down your pants.

You’re a dirty little masturbator, knocking your dicklet and balls around in your boxers, your eyes glazed over with your drooling tongue hanging out of your mouth. It’s quite a contrast to your “other” life, where you act like a grown up, making good money, drive a nice car, and are respected by your colleagues.

Gee, I wonder what all of your colleagues would think about you if they could see you now? Hiding in the bushes, peeking in your windows, your ear pressed up against the glass like some horny Peeping Tom.

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1 comment to Sneaky Cuckold Spying and Denied Strokers Get to Cum!

  • I have listened to Ms Piper’s audios and believe me when I say she ain’t lyin. These audios are hot, hot, hot. Besides how can you not take a chance on being allowed to cum when you’ve been subjected for orgasm denial for so long. As for those naughty cuckolds, they deserve whatever they get. You might think being cuckolded is punishment enough. Well, think again!

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