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Sometimes you run away, but you (almost) always come back!

To Know Me Is To Adore Me

I wanted to take a minute here and talk about the phenomenon of submissive regret and what it makes you do.

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To my knowledge, there’s no concept as “submissive regret;” I just made it up. It does describe what many of you do from time to time, though, so I figure it’s a good way to sum up the little dance we share. Submissive regret is when you try to pretend you’re not a submissive, or a sissy, or a cocksucker, or whatever it is you do when your pee pee fucks with your head.

Many of my clients experience this regret, and they often have to take a break. Maybe it’s a relationship issue, maybe it’s a shame issue, maybe it’s work pressures that make you forget this side to yourself.

No matter what it is, it’s somewhat normal to take a bit of a break from our play, as much as it disappoints me when I don’t get to play with you as often.

Here’s the thing: it’s okay to need a break, and it’s DEFINITELY okay to come back. I know you have your reasons for going away for a time, and I respect them.

I do ask that you show me mutual respect and let me know what’s going on. If I email you and you ignore me, well, that’s just rude. All you have to say is you need some time and you’ll be back when you’re ready–or say you’ve resolved your issues and you won’t ever be back. I won’t believe you when you say you’ll never be back, but I’ll graciously wish you well and let you be on your way.

Just please don’t just disappear. You disappearing makes me sad and it also makes me worry that I’ve done something wrong to make you go away.

Even if you have disappeared, please don’t think you can’t ever come back. Just get back in touch when you’re ready, and let’s pick up where we left off.

I’m a very patient and forgiving Mistress!

6 comments to Sometimes you run away, but you (almost) always come back!

  • jim

    Thank you. Sometimes I am afraid you will be angry with me.

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Great post mistress. I love the term submissive regret. Several years ago I use to feel this just after I hung up from a call. I felt shame and embarrassment about what I did for mistress during the call. I think it came from the fact that while I couldn’t believe what I had just done and tge fact I also knew I enjoyed it. I could not help but think that a real man …a so called normal man….would never let this happen to them and they definitely would not enjoy it. And they definitely would not go back and do it again. But I can’t help it and I do keep coming back for more. In fact I am getting hard just typing this and with the thought that I can’t wait until the next time I can get on cam for mistress again. Suffice it to say I have gotten past the regret and embraced he fact that I will do anything to hear you say those magic words I oh so love….Cum for Piper

  • subForMistressPiper

    How timely is this article!!!??? After having to take a hiatus for personal reasons (communicated to Mistress Piper) I am honored to be welcomed back in my new role as a loyal, obedient and humiliated sub for Mistress. It is soooo nice to be back in your life, Mistress!!!

  • Ah the disappearing game. I heard one excuse that a boy was afraid to call me back after a long hiatus. Like wtf am I gonna do? Reach through the phone and ring his neck. I don’t take dropped callers personally as there can be tons of reasons after all. Tru Ms Piper, the disappearing is a bit sad. Sending an email is often inappropriate, but I do it mostly.

  • Ms Piper, I really like your blog post. Very honest and very sincere. I hope all our pets will read it and get a better understanding just how important they are.

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