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It All Starts With a Small (aka “Average”) Penis

Don’t worry, I like them small!

I’m amazed at the number of clients calling me up and confessing their kinks and fetishes while also telling me they have a small penis.

I quickly realized that a small penis can really affect a man’s life in quite dramatic ways. For such a small little thing, it has a big impact (quite possibly the only big impact it’s capable of).

For the record, let me state that if you’re hiding behind the “I’m not small, I’m average” argument, just be aware that average is never something to brag about.

You and I both know you don’t lust after average women, so don’t try to insult me by thinking your average penis is anything to be proud of.

The only woman who wants an average penis is a women who hasn’t been told cocks come in different sizes–which is to say, NONE of them.

It’s quite convenient that the sexual establishment has convinced women that it’s not “normal” to orgasm through intercourse, and that “average” penises are all we should desire–along with a very good vibrator to do the rest of hubby’s job.

You should apologize to every woman you’ve subjected to your substandard cock and offer to help her find an upgrade. And while you’re at it, inform her that you’re a submissive little bitch and you’re now taking your place where you belong.

I’m so pleased that most of my sweet callers here at LDW understand that their wee wee has earned them bottom bitch status and they don’t even pretend they could ever please me with with that thing. They understand that if they want to please me, they’ll have to do it by taking my strap on, sucking cock, or otherwise submitting to my whims and desires.

In the end though, they freely admit they prefer pleasing me this way. It just seems wrong when they put on airs and try to pretend to be all dominant and in control.

So what’s holding YOU back from facing the truth that your underwhelming cock has turned you into a submissive beta boy? Don’t you think it’s time you stopped lying to yourself?

24 comments to It All Starts With a Small (aka “Average”) Penis

  • I am snickering as I write this! Ms. Piper, you really did hit the nail on the head.It seems that men only ever brag about average penis size, never anything else. Who was ever excited by “average anything”? OOoh.. I want to be fucked al night with an average cock!! Said NO woman EVER.In the words of MJ, average guys should just “Beat It”.

  • First of all, I love that new profile pic of yours, I love that bratty look and it goes very well with this small penis humiliation blog post. I have never quite heard it expressed in these ways. I am cracking up and as you know SPH is very much a favorite subject. Yes yes…the nerve of these boys, how dare they strut like their cock is grand!

  • princess

    I too have a micro dick and after years of denial i have come to accpet and even embrace my pin dick….denied sissy cuckold place! Thank You Ms Piper for helping us beta boys understand and submit!………oh and btw…..i LOVE that photo!!!!!!

  • Miss Piper, you made some excellent points about the banality of “average.” The potential for someone to deceive themselves know no bounds. It takes a Mistress like yourself to wake them up to the harsh reality of having a Tiny Tim.

  • Ms Piper, You have got that right!

    Average is nothing to brag about. Middle aka, less than most, is what average is. *laughs*You are an above average woman and deserve a man no less than that! But it is so much fun to keep those horny beta boys busy with all the ways you can be amused, and if you desire, pleased. Humm?

    Great post, lady! See you around the Empire!

  • tiny tim

    Hi Mistress Piper, I understand my place which is at the bottom. Guys with average dicks are almost double my size. You don’t have to worry about me ever disappointing a women. As i am still a virgin in my 30’s. Mistress Erika wants me to be permanently locked in chastity once i can afford a mature metals cage.

  • owen

    I am small (I know this) and I notice two things about it. One is that it has always made me feel as though a female has immense power over me if she knows or even believes she knows I am tiny. It is sort of weird how this is for me. It is a very strong (very very) psychological thing. If a woman even loosely or indirectly mentions it it makes me feel like I have no authority at all with her. It is hard to explain this – that it is not exactly a “fantasy” – it is more real than that in terms of how it feels. The part that is sort of a fantasy is that I have always always felt I should or need to apologize to females about it. It is like I want to apologize and have her hear me apologize. I also both want and don’t want women I like to have “big ones”. It is weird. It is like you really really want that for them but also feel guilty, jealous, etc. etc.

    • Piper

      Yes, being submissive is very complicated, isn’t it? Such a heady and exciting mix of emotions! I completely understand how you feel. Let me know if you ever want to share more with me on the phone. I’d love to discuss it more with you.

  • Tinkerbell

    I wish I could laugh but it is so embarrassing have such a tiny thin dip-stick. I know I am a bottom feeder. I’m a sissy who needs a strong dominant female in my life. I have never pleased any woman so I guess there is only one sex partner I can please or at least service with my pussy and mouth. I love the felling of a full pussy, I only wish it was a real person and not just a dildo. Need your help to get pass my being scared.

    • Piper

      Yes, we talked about this, didn’t we Tinkerbell? I agree we need to get on this right away. The real thing feels so much better than silicone or plastic. You’ll love everything about taking the next step with cock!

  • I’ve never bragged about my thing though at first I thought I was on the average side. Now I know while I don’t have a micro penis (sometimes I wish I did) I’m smaller than average. It’s not something I’ve ever fought just accepted it as another characteristic that is a part of my sissy born nature.

    • Piper

      Isn’t it so funny that you now wish you had a micro penis? Becoming more and more of a sissy certainly changes you, doesn’t it?

      • It is funny Mistress Piper and becoming more of a sissy has changed me. I think if I had a micro penis I would have realized I was a sissy earlier in life and I would have never gotten married allowing me to be the sissy I truly am.

        • Piper

          You know, that’s a very interesting way to look at it! Maybe if you hadn’t had an “average” penis, you would have had the freedom to accept who you really are, deep down inside a lot earlier!

  • Ryan Anderson

    Hi I love my small cock

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Ms Piper….I have accepted my lot in life and know that the only sexual fun I can have is being a stroker bitch to the mistresses of LDW. The sad fact is that I have not only accepted this…I get excited by it. In fact…I am getting hard right now just thinking about the next time I will get on cam for you. You know how I am when my dick is hard….I promise to do anything to Com for Piper. My dick is throbbing right now because yes…..I am promising to do that thing you have now have me doing to cum. πŸ˜ƒ

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