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What do I like about my callers? Everything.

Your partner in crime800-601-6975

I know you think I’m sucking up, but I assure you I’m not.

I did an 18 month stint in “traditional phone sex” before I landed here at LDW. I liked it okay. The one thing that surprised me was how nice most of the callers were. But then . . . → Read More: What do I like about my callers? Everything.

Happy New Year From Your Friendly Neighborhood Domme!

Here’s to getting ridden hard and put away wet in 2014!800-601-6975

I just want to take a minute out from our regularly scheduled programming to wish all of my readers, clients, and friends a very happy New Year.

Sometimes in our lives we go through tough things, and when I came to LDW . . . → Read More: Happy New Year From Your Friendly Neighborhood Domme!

Lots of good news!

Over that past couple of days, two of my wonderful callers have made me so happy to hear their news. I get very involved with my clients, because, like all of the LDW Mistresses, they are far more than just minutes and dollar signs to me. I just have to share some of the . . . → Read More: Lots of good news!

Andrea Makes Piper Squeal! ;)

Thank you Andrea! It's lovely!

If you’ve ever talked to me, you know that I’m not a huge squealer. I’m pretty serious, generally looking for an opportunity to exploit your weaknesses and blow your mind. 😉

One thing that does make me squeal, however, is unexpected gifts purchased from my Amazon Wishlist.

This . . . → Read More: Andrea Makes Piper Squeal! 😉

Yeeeee! A Surcie!

There’s nothing like getting a note on your door that you have a package when you’re not expecting anything.

These days I’m so jaded, I expect it to be from the IRS or something, although I’m living proof that when you fight authority, authority does not always win (if you’re under 35 you probably . . . → Read More: Yeeeee! A Surcie!