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What’s with all the cuckolds lately?

Don’t expect me to go easy on you

It’s funny that my calls come and go in cycles. For a while there, if I wrote about cum eating, a minor riot would get going in the comments section with everyone begging me to shove a fat jizz wad down their throats.

(If you’re too busy playing with yourself to read (just like a typical horny cuckold) click here to listen!)

Then it was the cocksuckers. Good lord. If I had a dollar for every boy begging me to send him to the glory holes to be my cock whore–oh wait, I think I got several dollars for that! (LOL)

Right now we’re in a cuckold phase. Everyone wants to talk about where their wives were last night, and what’s going to happen when she comes home. I suppose writing about beta bitch cuckolds probably has something to do with stirring up the cucky boys, but I have to admit, I’m getting kind of excited by all of these calls!

See, cuckolding is a very complex kink. Cuckolding isn’t even necessarily something a man is happy about. It’s more confusing than anything.

But his cock doesn’t care whether he’s happy about it or not. His cock is just sticking up and demanding attention–and the more he gives in to the cock, the more his cuckold fetish is pressed into his heart and mind.

I have to admit that I like fucking with a cuckold. I get a perverse pleasure knowing that while his dick is hard, he’ll be all excited and horny–but as soon as he cums, the shame and the conflicted feelings descend. I’m sure that makes me a cold-hearted bitch, but I can’t help what gets me excited!

After all, it’s not MY fault cuckolds stayed up late at night playing with their peter, looking at stuff they had no business looking at. I’m not the one who made them a cuckold!


5 comments to What’s with all the cuckolds lately?

  • Kinks CAN be cyclical AND seasonal. I notice every year after v-day there tends to be a huge surge in the publicly apparent cuckold population. I think it’s because that’s usually around the time they discover their hotwives are off celebrating with someone else. Or it could just be a case of cuckold spring fever. What do you think, Ms Piper? Any weight to these theories?

    • Piper

      You know, I didn’t think about the holidays surrounding the particular cycles of popularity. That’s a very interesting idea! I can definitely see that valentine’s day would be a time of increased cuckoldress activity, hence more cuckolds needing to get their rocks off!

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I think spring fever starts to set in in the south and cabin fever sets in in the north.Men start getting horny and start masterbating more and women say well you are satisfying your self without me so she gets some elsewhere.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Not really only masterbate after rejection

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