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Yes, Your Face Is Supposed To Burn That Hot When You’re Humiliated

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Can You Handle The Heat?

I love a red face. That’s how I know I’ve hit paydirt. Did you know I can literally hear your face turning red, even if I can’t see it?

Oh, there are many tells that I’ve enflamed that pretty little face of yours. You might stutter, or you might not say anything at all. You might sheepishly admit to something that I know is embarrassing.

A nice lady would back off when she discovered your weakness. Unfortunately for you, I’m not a nice lady. I’m a hungry predator looking to dine on your confused and conflicted feelings. I literally slurp up that tense feeling you have from knowing you’re investing more than you should.

You won’t come out of this arrangement with your dignity intact. I’ll make sure of it.

Who really needs dignity anyway, when they have a woman like me to take control? You’ll happily sacrifice your self-respect if it means hearing the smile in my voice when you’ve pleased me.

You know that if you are obedient, I’ll keep you. You’ll be mine; you’ll belong to me. You eagerly look for ways to make yourself a possession I’m proud to put on display.

You’ve finally found a feeling that fills you up, and for that feeling you don’t mind a little humiliation. You gladly lay your dignity on my altar and properly worship me. As you should.

9 comments to Yes, Your Face Is Supposed To Burn That Hot When You’re Humiliated

  • People might be surprised to know just what we can detect over the phone? Of course we can’t exactly “see” the caller’s face reddening but we can feel it, can’t we? Oh, and we also know if you’re touching your cock, whatever you might tell us, so beware! Humiliating you might just be the beginning!

    • About 2 weeks ago, I enjoyed a one hour call with Mistresses Piper and Erika – an hour of nonstop humiliation fantasy! Ms Piper led me through a fantasy in which I was compelled (☺️) to suck cock, get deflowered, eat creampies, lick assholes…… all at the expert hands of the glorious Ms Piper and Ms Erika. (See Ms. Erika’s 9/7 blog entry for another perspective.
      Thank you Ms. Piper – you are one incredibly sexy woman

  • Wes

    You’ve summed it up perfectly.. I crave it, sometimes I still try to understand why the humiliation from a dominating woman consumes me.. But has a Mistress once told me “Pleasing her is what I adore if I feel embarrassment, that just makes it better”.

  • princess

    Dignity is for real men…..sissy sluts, cuckolds and slaves of all kinds deserve and need humiliation and utter devotion to whatever pleases and o amuses our Goddess…..great post Ms Piper!

  • Ms Piper, so eloquently put how you like your pets to relate to you. I agree completely…once you sense their red face over the phone you know you struck gold.

  • I totally blush when I get embarrassed. I remember one time at a dinner with work friends including my boss in (which were all women) the topic of guys performance came up and my boss said to me “I bet you’re a one pump chump.” I didn’t answer but I turned bright red and was extremely turned on.

  • princess

    Both my face and disciplined tush should be red while serving!

  • GREAT post Miss Piper! I love that phrase: “If you’re obedient I’ll keep you?” I haven’t had too many disobedient submissive BUT I have had a couple — and my opposite of keeping someone is to let them go. Some think, because I get paid for my time, attention and skill I “have” to keep someone. That’s not true. A Mistress will always choose to keep a slave or not based on the required behavior, attitude and more. Loved this post!

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