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Announcing: April Fool’s Marathon!

Can you imagine it? Piles and piles of sexy mistresses just waiting to control your cock, school you on your sissy skills, coach your next suck session, or just generally impress you with her intelligence, wit and eroticism.

Our April Fool’s marathon begins Saturday, March 31, at midnight and ends at 11:59 pm on . . . → Read More: Announcing: April Fool’s Marathon!

Pass the penis, please.

I’m imagining a very odd scene at the Thanksgiving table…..

“Pardon me suh….do you have any Grey Poupon? Oh, and pahs the penis please.”

That would be Thanksgiving LDW style.

No, actually Pass the Penis is a fun little game we mistresses like to play with the bravest of callers.

Friday we had a . . . → Read More: Pass the penis, please.