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A Mind Fuck You’ll Never Forget

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A mind fuck you’ll never forget….

So, so many of you say, “I just want to please you, mistress.”

And you ask: “What can I do to please you?”

I’ll tell you the one thing I get out of D/s play, my absolute favorite thing that makes my heart race and my head go a little dizzy with power: I love it when a man is so sexually aroused he finds himself doing things he never dreamed he’d do–and he’s so upside down he cannot stop suggesting ways I can control him.

I guess you could say I love mental penetration, aka, The Mind Fuck.

Now, all mistresses have the thing: what they do well, their specialty. I have a few things I’m pretty good at: anal play, cuckolding, coerced cocksucking, and–for some reason I’ve yet to deduce–coached cum eating (you could say I’m the cum whisperer, lol).

But if you want to know the area in which I especially excel, that would be invading the deep recesses of your mind.

It’s one of those “in the zone” things that happen without me even trying that hard. It feels as if I “link up” and (in the right circumstances, with the right partner) energy flows between me and my playmate. It pretty much happens all on its own.

Why am I so gifted in this area? That is a good question, one I’m not sure I can answer. I suspect it’s because I listen and observe and I hear things you’re not even aware you’re saying. I suspect it’s because I’m a genuinely sweet person, easy to talk to, and you will drop your defenses.

You never expect a lovely person like me to have such a carnivorous streak.

It’s probably the only time I feel a little violent. I have to admit that every time I feel her rise up, I’m still amazed. Where does she come from? Where does she hide when I’m being “myself?” Why does she genuinely desire to dominate, control, and devour a man from the inside out?

Have you met her? Have you ever felt her penetrate your mind matter of factly and skillfully?

Some of you have. Some of you can’t get enough and call her several times a week. Some of you try to resist–and won’t call for days or weeks–but eventually succumb to her siren song. You want it, you need it. She’s very willing to give it.

Thing is, I don’t get to feel this rush nearly enough. I want more of it, and so I have a couple of questions for you:


Will you lower your defenses and confess your sexual secrets? Will you give me the information I need to thoroughly own you?

You cannot hold back. You cannot call and do that, “Dominate me mistress… what you want to do…..oh, I don’t like denial….oh I don’t like anal play……oh I don’t want to answer your questions…..” That’s bullshit and you know it.

It’s fine if you want a call like that; send me an outline and I can bring any little story to life. I’m a master at describing scenes so well that you’ll actually taste my pussy (or my boyfriend’s cock) and feel the heat coming off my body. After you cum, you will open your eyes and be surprised to find you’re still in your office, your bedroom, or your basement.

But don’t you dare pout and act disappointed. “You didn’t mind fuck me mistress. You said you could mind fuck me. Wah wah.”

If you want me to mind fuck you, then you better spread those legs and get ready for me to take what I want.

Your mind will be open and you’ll carefully consider what I want you to do for me. Oh I’ll respect your limits because doing things you genuinely dislike will not lower your defenses–and resistance is the opposite of what I need to own you–but it is pushing against limits that actually gives you the thrill you seek. Stop topping from the bottom, stop trying to control your mistress.

Take the time to build trust, but once I’ve earned your trust, relax and allow me to take you all kinds of thrilling places. I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Are you man enough to try true submission to a dominant woman? Let me know if you are.




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