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Don’t expect me to go easy on you

Everyone knows sissies LOVE them some Halloween. When else can you not only dress up as a girl, but you can also be a SLUTTY girl! I guess that’s why all the sissy cocksuckers are out on All Hallows Eve.

(Are your hands to sticky with….candy to read? Click here to listen.)

Some sissies are so accomplished in their cross dressing and girly ways that they actually pass as women, especially when the lights are low and the music’s loud. Low lights conceal hard contours, and loud music negates the need to talk.

It’s very naughty when a little girly slut is moving within the crowd and getting her ass squeezed. Things get really naughty when one of those hot guys asks you to dance and spends the next 10 minutes grinding his big package on your hip bone!

One would think that, in the interest of honesty, our tricky cross dressing slut would let these guys know they’re all but humping a guy–not the ripe lusty girl they think they’re grinding on!

But once that sissy clit gets going, all reason goes out the window!

About the time that stud grabs you and kisses you, cramming his fat wet tongue down your throat is when you decide you don’t care what you have to do–you MUST suck his balls empty tonight!

But that stud is eyeballing your tits and squeezing at them with his big hands. How long do you think it’s going to take him to discover you’re stuffing your bra?

To get his mind off squeezing a pair of ripe melons, you sink down onto your knees and do what you do best. You begin tonguing his jizz hole and sliding your eager mouth up and down on his big shaft!

And you were right. By the time he blows his load all over your mouth and face, he’s forgotten all about playing with your tits! Good girl!

Happy Halloween to all my sissy sluts out there. Be safe tonight!!!

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