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A Sissy’s Panty Choice Says A Lot About Her

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You look cute in your panties too!

What are your favorite panties to wear, sissy? Are you a full back satin girl, a pretty pink lacy girl, or are you a slutty red g-string girl?

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There are lots of different panties out there, but nearly every sissy has her favorites. And perhaps you don’t even have one favorite–maybe you have a favorite for every occasion.

How do you feel when you’re rocking those stretch lace bikini panties that don’t do anything to conceal what’s inside? Do you like how your perfectly shaved clitty looks so bare and dainty in them? Do your cheeks burn with embarrassment that your tiny little clit bud fits in that tiny little thong, barely making a bulge?

You’re not the only one who loves you in panties. I love the way they make you sashay and strut around when you appear on cam for me. Your cheeks are so cute when you blush and show me your pretty panties.

Your panties make it impossible to hide your dirty thoughts. When a tiny slip of fabric is all that stands between you and me, I can see how your clitty sticks up when I talk about all the naughty ways I’m going to whore you out for my amusement.

I want you on display when you tell me all about your cock sucking fantasies. When you’re bending over and showing me that juicy round ass, I want to see your little bulge when you smack it and tell me how you want your boyfriend to fuck you hard and make you squirt in your panties.

Girls like you should always show me your panties and how happy they make your clitty and how cute your pussy looks in them. I am your Mistress, after all!

3 comments to A Sissy’s Panty Choice Says A Lot About Her

  • princess

    Panties!….One of my favorite subjects, now that this sissy wears them daily….For most days i wear practwhen i plan to do a call, i prefer sexy lacy see-thru panties that show my chastity cage and slave tattoo……But, when i feel really slutty and want to be used and abused…..then it’s thongs all the way! Hope that answers your question Mistress Piper :)…….great post as always!

  • Ms Piper, a sissy’s choice of panties is a very special part of their own feminine mystique. If there was only one thing that symbolizes sissy-hood it would be a pair of lace pink panties.

  • Kirsten

    I love pink pantys

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