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A Small Penis is a Wonderful Side Effect of Chastity and

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Too bad I won’t be spreading my legs for you, cuckold!

A Small Penis is a Wonderful Side Effect of Chastity

Did you know if your penis is locked away in chastity it will eventually begin to shrink?

One of my callers found out the hard way that this was one of the side effects of long term chastity. His girlfriend locked up his cock for just a few days at a time over a period of weeks. He played along, all the while not realizing what was happening.

When he finally broke up with her, his formerly VERY nice size penis had been shrunken down to less than 3 inches! He thought it would go back to the size it was before he began playing around with chastity, but it never did. By the time he began calling me, he had a new fetish: small penis humiliation!

He used to be proud of a very respectable cock size–he said girls had said he was the biggest they’d ever been with–and now all he had was a little nubbin that embarrassed him.

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Your Wife’s Cuckold Bull Makes you Wear Panties to Humiliate You

When your wife’s lover puts you in panties, what do you think that means? Who’s wearing the pants in the family now?

Definitely not you cuckold! Your wife’s cuckold bull makes sure you know he makes all the rules now. He makes you prance around in panties that show off how small your little nubbin is in relation to his superior manhood. And you–well you are so pathetic that your little cucky clit sticks up all the time because your dicklet is the household joke.

What do you think your wife was thinking the first time she saw your little erection in your panties? Maybe she was tempted to feel sorry for you, demoted to bitch status in your own house, until she saw your tiny little humiliated hard-on!

Now your slut wife and her lover laugh at the look of longing on your face when they slink off to bed together while you sleep in the guest room.

What’s that look of longing all about? Do you long to be inside her pussy or do you long for her bull’s superior cock?

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8 comments to A Small Penis is a Wonderful Side Effect of Chastity and

  • princess

    All FANTASTIC posts! i really relate to the cuckold in panties one ….as i am cuck in panties! But the chastity shrinkage one really spoke to me….i too have shrunk in long term chastity! ….Such a powerful post Ms Piper!

    • Piper

      Thank you princess! How much have you shrunk so far?

      • princess

        My ‘clit’ has shrunk in progressively smaller cages over about 4 years. It’s ind of like how the Japanese used to shrink or keep a woman’s foot to a small and useless in size in tiny training shoes. I have now been reduced to a micro size. I started with a 3 1/2 inch long cage (the curve) , which was really much too big. Like a typical male I overestimated, even lying to myself about my lack of endowment. I soon switched to a plastic cb6000s (‘s’ for short) which was 2.5 inches long. After wearing it for months and shrinking more, I ordered a 2 inch long mature metal cage. That cage shrunk me even more over time, It loose enought to allow tiny erections. So, for a small fee, i sent it back in to the company in to be resized to 1.5 inches which I wore for about a year. Finally, last Christmas, I again ordered another jailbird…. in their smallest size! it is 1.25 inches long x 1.25 wide. After a few months of wearing it, i have shrunk even more. it was a very tight fit when i first put it on, but now it fits comfortably.

        When all this started, before chastity, my so called ‘manhood’ was about 2.5 to 3 inches limp, now I am about 1 inch flaccid….My erection ‘was’ just under 6″ inches now it is under 4″ inches (aprox. 3.5 to 3.75 inches)……So, in answer to your question, I’ve lost through shrinkage, well over 2 inches! This is over about 4 years of increasing use of chastity in progressively smaller cages.

        • Piper

          You know, I never really thought about it in terms of “foot binding,” but that is a very good way to think about chastity! You’ve given me a very good idea for another blog post. Thank you princess! 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Erika and Ms Alyssa have put me in pink chastity cage to control my chronic masturbation along with my 3’clitty 🙁 with them having me wear 38dd bra with dd breast forms along with long black wig/sheath dress/feminine arched eyebrows/makeup/lipstick kisses on my cheeks/smelling like midnight romance perfume and lotion and lipstick on my lips they said I look better this way then I do as a guy. I’ve never had women take control of me lik this before. 🙁

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Piper, I didn’t know that a penis shrinks in chastity. This makes me afraid of permanent chastity even though i should be in it. As i am only 3 inches erect before chastity. Never used the pee-pee anyway(still a virgin) like real men use them.

  • When I’m locked in chastity, my size doesn’t matter anymore. It’s actually a relief to be locked up in the bedroom! No more pretending or trying to be bigger than I am. Then I can focus on other ways to please my wife (ways that actually work!), such as my tongue and fingers. Oh, and the Hitachi vibrator. I’m probably a better lover while locked in my little chastity cage, a Queen’s Keep by Mature Metal.

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