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You Belong To Me!

When you’re serving a Mistress, you learn to use your body to make her happy. You use your parts the way she demands, and you’re happy to do so.

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I feel the most desirable parts of your body–the ones I prefer to use most often–are your holes. I enjoy flipping the sexual script with my submissives. The ways men use women–the ways even some of you have used women–are the ways I prefer to use you.

Your mouth becomes a wet face cunt, open and available to entertain Mistress cock or any other cock I have chosen to stuff down your throat. This is of course quite humiliating, especially if you’ve never really considered using your mouth for Mistress cock (or even real cock if I decide it’s best for your service). Of course you’ve been taught that real men stick their dicks in a sexy mouth.

What does it say about you that now you’re getting dick stuck in your mouth? Never you mind; that’s not your concern.

I know I don’t have to tell you where we’re headed after we use your mouth hole. We’re going down south for some real fun around back! Yes, your ass cunt belongs to Mistress too!

It’s time to get that hole trained to take cock too. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to rush you to take a real dick up your cock chute, but I certainly don’t think you need to get all hoity toity. You know what they say about pride, don’t you?

Get your mind right on this issue and accept what this Mistress requires of you. Don’t keep parts of yourself held back, and don’t be a wimp. Boldly serve Mistress and give your parts over to the woman who knows how to make you the best version of yourself!