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anal orgasms, mistress phone sex

I adore my ass slaves

Did you know men can have anal orgasms?

I train my orgasm denial bitches to have them all the time. I think it’s a nice compromise: they get to have a sorta-kinda cum, and I get to make them feel all humiliated and conflicted about their new skill.

You may have tried anal masturbation before (if you’ve called me, chances are really good you have!) and you may know that ass play can make you have an explosive orgasm. Anal orgasms are different from that, because you won’t be touching your penis.

You mean I can cum without touching my cock? YES!

You aren’t having a full-on cock squirting orgasm anytime soon, so you might as well experiment with anal orgasms, right? You have plenty of time to master your anal play skills! Here’s what you need to do:

Grab your favorite lube and get your ass really wet, and keep it handy. Take one finger and slide it in. Yep, slide it right in your butt. Close your eyes and feel what’s happening. Curve your finger up and find your magic button, or your prostate. You’ll know when you’ve found it because it’ll feel really good.

Anal play will make you really horny, but don’t think I’ll have any sympathy for you!

I’m being really nice to even consider allowing you to have anal orgasms. After a few weeks of orgasm denial, you’ll be grateful for any kind of orgasm! You won’t care if you’re fucking your asshole like it’s a horny wet sissy cunt and bouncing on a big dildo like it’s some fat man meat.

Oh, you’ll probably feel a little odd about it after you begin experiencing anal orgasms, but you have to let me have a little fun too!

I won’t be patting your head and assuring you that you’re not becoming a little faggot-fied if we reroute your orgasm from your cock to your cunt. In fact, I’ll probably suggest that we are indeed feminizing you more and more each time we make you have anal orgasms–but surely you won’t be bothered by a little teasing.

Your Mistress can call you a sissy butt slut–or a cock humping faggot–and I’m sure that won’t bother you at all. Even macho dudes can learn to enjoy anal orgasms! Right?