Every Mistress Needs A Toy! :)I guess every LDW Mistress knows about our favorite little plaything here. He’s a true toy. LOL!

The funny thing is, when I said his name and laughed, he had to…squeeze his balls!

I remember the night I met our little toy toy (squeeze squeeze!). It was my first two-mistress call, and I was given a very quick little background on LDW’s toy. And so I listened, learned, and had a lot of fun! Which of course, when one is playing with a toy, is exactly the point.

Just like all of our tease and denial playthings, toy very rarely is allowed cummies. We’re talking months. A year. He’s the only one who keeps up with how long it has been, lol! And, frankly, we just kind of forget that toy even wants to cum. We’re just so busy laughing at him and making him squeeze his balls or do any number of other things that amuse us.

Princess Grace and I spend a lot of time playing with our toy toy together, and we recently gave him the assignment to go and purchase some Hello Kitty Duck (the brand) Tape. See, toy lives next door to his parents, and sometimes he has to be quiet, but that doesn’t mean we’re easy on him! He fashions this strange turban-looking contraption to hold the phone to his ear (normally, he’ll have us on speaker if he doesn’t have to keep the noise down) and he places a strip of duct tape on his mouth to muffle his screaming and whining.

So, yeah, Hello Kitty tape. LOL! (BTW, toy toy, if you haven’t bought it, you’d better take a quick trip to the store!)

The thing that dawned on me recently is that our toy has no keeper. We literally pass him around, play with him, and toss him aside. Which creates a problem. Namely, who makes sure toy toy doesn’t hit up all the mistresses for cummies? Three nights ago, he began his little weepy weepy poor me, “I never get no cummies…” and I almost felt sorry for him.

Thank goodness I came to my senses.

I questioned him closely and discovered he had no cum manager, which means he could be whining to all the mistresses and cumming who knows how many times all over the place!

This will not do. So I laid claim to the LDW toy toy. He is now MINE.

Now, of course, he’s still passed around to all the mistresses. He is denied. But I am the one who keeps track of whether our toy toy is sneaking around begging for cummies and gaming the system. Cause if he does? Oh, his troubles now are only the beginning.

So LDW Mistresses! Before you allow our toy toy to whine and moan about how blue his balls are getting, check with his cum manager. And if he’s getting sneaky, I want to know about it!

Smack! Smack! Squeeze! Squeeze! You have been warned, toy toy!