On a daily basis I speak with Sissies, Crossdressers, and/or Trans Women. There’s a good bit of confusion when it comes to these terms, and there is a lot of confusion which one the caller is.

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Now, before I get into the differences between these three terms, let me first say that I don’t think people fit into one box or the other. I don’t see any reason to classify anyone, because none of us are clearly defined by one particular thing. But this is my opinion, and it’s pretty easy for me to say, being cisgender, straight, white, American, woman. Nobody has ever made me feel weird about who I am–as long as I don’t count being a flaming liberal here in the South!

Many of you need to know “what” you are, and if you’re one of them, then read on!

Sissy: I generally consider a sissy as almost a caricature of a woman.

Often a sissy finds herself embracing certain characteristics that were used against her at one time. For instance, maybe she wasn’t a very boyish boy, or good at sports. Maybe she cried too easily and was ridiculed as a “sissy.” Perhaps she had homosexual feelings and was ostracized.

Once she decides to take back her power, she embraces herself as a flamboyant sissy with a don’t give any fucks attitude.

Crossdresser: Simply a man who likes to wear “women’s clothing.”

There are many reasons why a man would want to wear women’s clothing. Some of them have nothing to do with being a sissy or a trans woman.

Trans Woman: A genetic male who decides or discovers he’s actually a woman in the wrong body.

Trans Women generally take womanhood very seriously. They’re not trying to “pretend” anything. As far as she’s concerned, she IS a woman, and her body simply needs to catch up with who she is.

Having said all of this, I’m sure it has become obvious that it is quite possible to be more than one thing. A sissy is probably a cross dresser, a cross dresser might be a trans woman, and so on. This is a very simplified explanation for complicated feelings–but for some of you, a little simplification helps a lot!

Feeling a bit confused and want to talk about this more? Give me a call sometime and we can iron it out together!