Did you find all 5 of the other blog posts scattered about the Empire. Let me guess–you didn’t even look for them, did you? Naughty little pet, expecting Mistress to spoon feed you! 😉

Well, who am I to withhold the training you so desperately need? I won’t deny you any longer! Listen at your own risk, and listen often if you truly want me to take control of you body, mind, and soul. Make no mistake: my goal is to possess you, and everything I do is to that end.

(Click here for a bonus Mistress Piper Mantra!)

I’m assuming you found Part One of my Mindfuck Meditation Series: Guided Meditation Blog Hop: Can You Resist My February Mindfuck? I mean, it’s the post immediately preceding this one!

Part Two appeared on Call For Domination: Mindfuck Meditation with Ms. Piper: Domination Makes You Free

Part Three was included on Domination Bootcamp: Mindfuck Trance Meditation: Obedience Makes You Feel Complete

Part Four posted to May I Cum: Orgasm Denial Mindfuck Meditation: Not Cumming Makes Me Better For Mistress

Part Five was on Cocktease Bootcamp: Cocktease Mindfuck Meditation: Teasing Keeps Me Humble

Part Six appeared on Humiliation Bootcamp: Humiliation Trance Meditation: My Embarrassment is for My Own Good

Did you enjoy this February Mindfuck series? Don’t worry, February isn’t over yet! We’ll be going even deeper during the second half of February.

We set the stage by getting you primed for radical obedience, and now we’re going to consider some edgy service that will truly challenge you! Stay tuned because we’re going to keep this going!