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Surrender YOUR ass to your Mistress!

If you’ve ever thought about trying anal training, let me make one thing clear: I’m definitely a fan of anal play!

I think there are many benefits to both Mistress and you when you surrender your ass for training. The most obvious benefit to your Mistress being your enhanced submission and willingness to obey when your Mistress is allowed to anally play with you. And as we all know, making your Mistress happy makes everyone happy.

But why does anal play make you a better submissive?

  1. Penetration is powerful. Men are not normally penetrated (obviously) and being on the receiving end of a toy or dildo is a new way of approaching your sexuality. The effect can range from mild pleasure to rather profound feelings. The only way to find out how you’ll react is to try it!
  2. Ass play leads to really explosive orgasms! This is a very well-kept secret, but anal penetration often means you’ll cum really hard. Like, really, really hard. I’ve had middle-aged submissives playing with their ass shoot themselves in the face with their own cum and exclaiming, “I haven’t cum that hard since I was 20!” So yeah. How’s that for a good reason to let me play with your ass?
  3. Anal sex is intimate. Chances are really good that your ass is one of the few things you haven’t shared with every Thomasina, Dee Dee, and Harriet. You really have to trust your Mistress to allow her to take control of this new frontier. I really love that you trust me, and I love to explore new things with you!

But the best reason ass play makes you a better submissive is the simple fact that I want you to give me your ass, and every good submissive takes every opportunity to please his Mistress.

So when are we going to have some ass play fun? Don’t wait to give your Mistress what she wants!