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On your knees to worship me!

Get on your knees and beg me to sit on your face. You know my ass makes you want to worship and obey me.

(I know it’s hard to read with your face in my ass, so click here to listen!)

I took this picture thinking of all of my ass slaves and how much they obsess over my ass and wishing I’d plop down on their face. I’ll bet you can imagine yourself on your hands and knees, crawling up behind me, looking up at my round, firm bottom.

Are you hoping to catch a glimpse of my sweet, forbidden pussy? You’ll have to work harder to earn that!

I do love to hear the things you whisper as you stare up at my ass. You beg me to back up until my ass crack rests right on your nose. Do you want to nestle your nose right there, smelling me, feeling me, experiencing me.

Right about now your muffled voice is begging me to allow you to taste my ass.

My tight little hole is hidden from view, but you can almost feel it on your lips and taste it on your tongue.

If you’re a very good boy, I’ll bend over and allow you to gently pull my ass cheeks apart and see my rosebud open up, just for you. If you’re even better, I’ll allow you to rim my hole and maybe feel it quiver as you flick your tongue into it.

Now that you know what your reward will be, how are you going to be my very good boy? What are you going to do to please me?