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You Belong At My Feet, Cuckold!

You do know what a beta-penis cuckold is, don’t you? It’s a cuckold with a small penis and a personality to match.

I have one beta-penis cuckold always begging me to write about him on my blog. I’ve actually written about him before, but the begging continues, so here we are.

Poor little beta penis cuckold always wants to listen to me faking my orgasms so he can imagine what it’s like to hear a woman cum–not that any woman would ever cum on his little babee boner!

So what do you think, cuckold? Is this enough small penis humiliation, or do we need to tell everyone your little secret?

See, this little cuckold was so weak and wimpy that he told his own girlfriend his friend had a bigger cock. Keep in mind that he hadn’t even sealed the deal with this girlfriend–he preemptively told her about his friends’ bigger cock so she wouldn’t even waste her time with his disappointing penis.

That’s right! He didn’t EVEN have sex with his girlfriend before he was selling her on his friends’ cock!

No wonder you’re stuck playing with your little pee pee and asking me to gasp and moan the way I do when my boyfriend “has coitus” with me–you don’t have the penis OR balls to take care of a woman!

But in the end, I do love my little beta-penis cuckold because I know he’s completely devoted to me. See, that’s one thing beta-penis cuckolds have going for them. They’re not going anywhere once you have your hold on them.

Isn’t that right, little beta boy cuckold?