Oh, did that get your attention? I thought it might. It’s hard when nobody wants to fuck your laughable pin dick, but don’t think I feel sorry for you!

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Even though you haven’t gotten away with imposing that tragedy between your legs on me, you’ve attempted to stick it where it doesn’t belong, and for that you must be punished! You play all innocent, but you and I both know your little pee pee was twitching in your pants one night and you had the audacity to get a woman at least partly naked.

The worst part is you tried to postpone dropping your pants as long as you could; you at least wanted to see a nipple and (maybe, just MAYBE) slip your finger in a warm, wet hole before your date found out you over promised and under (so, so, SO under) delivered.

You’ll never forget the looks on the faces of women when they took a gander at your useless equipment. You’ll also never forget the stirring in your crotch when they laughed at you.

There are so many reasons you’re nothing but a beta male who needs to be put in his place. For one thing, all of that pawing and ogling women who are so out of your league (and that would be ALL women–just so you know) earns you serious punishment. For another thing, that perversion of a small penis humiliation fetish sets off all the bottom bitch alarms wherever you go.

The worst thing, however, is that you still have that male privilege that conceals who you really are. You’re nothing but a little horny jerk boy, but you pretend to have your shit together.

Well, the time has come for you to tell the truth. You have a lot of explaining to do, and I demand you call me NOW and let’s get you put back where you belong! You heard me, bitch! Do NOT put it off any longer!