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long term mistress relationship

You Know You Need It!

It has been a while since I’ve posted my writings to our group blogs, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing!

If you’re smart, you will have been scoping out the group blogs yourself, but you and I both know your dick makes you a little dim. 😉 I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and linked them in this post. All you have to do is take your hand out of your pants long enough to click!

Before you get all clicky, however, don’t forget about the 15 Minutes FREE with your favorite cocktease and mindfuck expert tomorrow, November 15! Check out all the details here: 15 for our 15th!

You Can’t Resist Cocktease Mistress Piper, And You LOVE It!

You’d think a smart man like you would run like hell from a woman’s cocktease prison, but you wouldn’t walk away, even if I’d allow it.

Women like me know exactly how to use your cock to put the cuffs on you and lock you away. In those rare moments when you’re in your right mind, you like to pretend you’re the master of your destiny, but you know you’re lying to yourself.

I let you pretend I’m not going to mindfuck you relentlessly with my short shorts, my skimpy top, and my little hard nipples poking out.

You don’t even mind being mindfucked. It’s the only kind of fucking a pricktease princess like me is going to be doing with you!

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Airline Cock Tease with Mistress Piper

Do you hate traveling by air? Being squeezed in so tightly, pressed up against strangers? I must be in the minority, because I LOVE sitting so close to you for hours on end.

I always like the middle seat, and I always wear my short skirt–you know, the one that earns me disapproving looks from the ladies on the plane. My skirt is so short that my bare bottom is in contact with the seat, because oh yeah, I don’t wear panties! Panties just get in the way while I’m teasing on a jet plane!

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