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long term mistress relationship

You Know You Need It!

I have more goodies I’ve posted around the Empire for your delight and humiliation.

And of course, each of these posts include sexy free erotic audios, like this one from Teasemafia.

Mistress Piper’s Cocktease In Tights

As soon as you close the door, you feel my hand grab you by the cock and balls and begin dragging you to the bedroom.

You almost fight, but just in time you hear my voice growling in your ear, “Don’t even think about it!” My voice makes you weak and docile, and so you do as I want.

I order you to strip naked and get on the bed. Before you realize it, you’re bound hands and feet to my bed, helpless and vulnerable, your hard cock exposed and erect. With a devious smile, I back away from the bed and slowly undress.

You can’t believe what’s happening and your dick starts to drip. I slap your cock harshly. “That’s for dripping on my sheets!”

Click here to read more and listen to the sexy audio: Mistress Piper’s Cocktease In Tights

Ms. Piper Demands On The Job Anal Penetration

(btw, this post features one of my favorite sissy sluts Lacey!)

Serving me is not easy, and even if you think you’re hardcore, I’m going to challenge you to some serious anal penetration play.

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with your boss while your ass was stuffed? That can be a bit. . . distracting. Oh, so you think wearing a butt plug to work is old hat? Well then cut a tiny hole in a pair of pantyhose (to allow you clitty to stick out) and slam a big 8″ dildo up your cunt and grind on it all day.

Oh, and if you’re going to be grinding on a big plastic cock all day, you’re going to need a nice pantyliner in your panties to catch all of the sissy juice dripping out of your clitty!

Click here to read the rest and get your ears on the free erotic audio that accompanies it: Ms. Piper Demands On The Job Anal Penetration