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Does Cooler Weather Make You Frisky?

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Many of you know that I live in South Carolina, and goodness be, it gets hot here. Hot, humid, sticky–and not in a good way! When the weather gets like this, if I’m not in a bikini by the pool, I’m VERY grumpy!

This morning when I opened the door . . . → Read More: Does Cooler Weather Make You Frisky?

Telling the truth…..

Do I have to get the truth serum? ‘Cause I’ll do it, you know I will!

Why is it so hard to be real? To tell the truth?

There are consequences to allowing our true selves to be offered up for public consumption. I get it.

Tech support? Really?

My family doesn’t know . . . → Read More: Telling the truth…..

My Pet Always Sits at My Feet and Worships My Legs

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Does the idea of sitting on the floor beside my long smooth legs excite you? So close to me that you can feel the heat of my skin and smell the perfumed lotion I carefully massaged into my skin? Are you hoping that as I uncross and cross my . . . → Read More: My Pet Always Sits at My Feet and Worships My Legs

Lick it up…..

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Nope, I don’t look it, but I am definitely a child of the 80’s. Big teased blonde hair, jelly bracelets all the way up my arm, HUGE silver hoop earrings, neon pink oversized sweatshirt sliding off one shoulder, short little black skirt (my dad thought I . . . → Read More: Lick it up…..

A little light reading for you….

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Did you know that I often publish posts on our group blogs here at LDW? They’re all quite sexy and titillating, even if I do say so myself!

Maybe the best thing about these posts would be the FREE AUDIO that accompanies each one, just like this . . . → Read More: A little light reading for you….

Announcing: April Fool’s Marathon!

Can you imagine it? Piles and piles of sexy mistresses just waiting to control your cock, school you on your sissy skills, coach your next suck session, or just generally impress you with her intelligence, wit and eroticism.

Our April Fool’s marathon begins Saturday, March 31, at midnight and ends at 11:59 pm on . . . → Read More: Announcing: April Fool’s Marathon!