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CBT That Entertains Me: Squished Balls, Flat as a Pancake!

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Pleasing me is your greatest pleasure.

One thing that really makes me very happy is when a slave comes up with a new way to torment himself for my amusement.

(are your balls too flat to read? click here to listen!)

My little slut cherry took the dick out of her mouth long enough to show me a new toy she bought. To my shock and surprise, it wasn’t shaped like a dildo! It was a ball squisher made out of lucite with wing nuts that tighten the two plates down on her balls. Fun!

It was amazing to see how much torment she wanted to take for me. We kept screwing the plates tighter and tighter until we had true pancake balls!

When her balls were as flat as a fritter (as we say here in the south) she still wanted more. She said she wanted to screw them tighter!

I learned something about cherry that day. Not only does she want to go to the spray tanning booth and get bikini tan lines for me, but she’s also quite the pain slut. I realized it was time to stop underestimating the lengths she’ll go to when she wants to please me (and she wants to please me all the time!).

So lookout cherry girl! Up until now I’ve thought of you as a delicate little sissy flower, but now I know you’re not only slutty and eager to suck your boyfriend’s cock and take it up your sissy hole. Not only are you willing to dress up all pretty and go pump your own gas (like any feminist girl would!).

You are also able to please me by enduring lots and lots of pain–and you LOVE serving me this way. Let’s just say you and I BOTH are going to be very happy with your cries of agony moving forward!

6 comments to CBT That Entertains Me: Squished Balls, Flat as a Pancake!

  • princess

    Why does this post both frighten and fascinate me?

  • toeboy

    Wow Mistress Piper, I didn’t know you were a sadist. That ball squisher sounds dangerous. Would you tighten it all the way on a guys nads. as i am a masochist.

  • I love ball squashers, Ms. Piper! It’s so much fun to watch a CBT subs face as you arrange those nuggets in between the two piece of plastic just so. And that look of horror that comes across their face as you start tightening down the nits – on their nuts! – is priceless! Listening to them moan and beg you to stop as you squish their balls is music to my ears.

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