two mistress phone sex call

I’m in the mood for a tease!

Imagine this: you haven’t cum for months, despite my constant teasing. Your balls are nearly bursting–and then I order you to strip and subject yourself to a no-holds barred CFNM inspection by me and my girlfriends.

(Are your hands *otherwise occupied*? Click here to listen to me read this post!)

Do you make it through the ordeal with your dignity relatively intact, or are you a leaky, squirmy mess while we poke, prod, and tease you mercilessly?

My bet is you ejaculate, hands free, right there on the spot, in front of us!

You can only imagine the delighted peals of laughter from me and my girlfriends when you make a mess right on my floor. You’ll have no choice but to bend over and lick it up!

We’ll all be ordering you to lick your cum up off my freshly polished floor, and even though you just had a spontaneous ejaculation, you’ll immediately get hard again! Of course, this just makes me and my girlfriends delirious with laughter, much to your delight and humiliation.

“Oops, you got some cum on your nose!” We squeal, which leads to another wave of laughs that only serves to bring you lower than you thought you could sink.

Lower is exactly where a cum eater with a CFNM fetish belongs. You belong at our feet, and if you’re lucky, we’ll allow you to hug our ankles and kiss our feet. But only if you’re a very good boy.

Are you determined to be a very good boy and please your Mistress? I hope so, because I’ll accept nothing less than total devotion. I deserve it!