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Want a lick?

If you know me, then you know I love stuffing dick in a man’s (and sissy’s) mouth! Here are two extra hawt posts for you to enjoy about one of my favorite subjects!

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Mistress Piper Teaches a Bi-Curious Husband to Suck Cock

Ever since that close call with your college roommate, when the two of you were drunkenly wrestling on the floor and his dick ended up in your face, you’ve wondered what it would be like to be held down and coerced to suck cock.

But you did what all good boys do. You married the sexy, flirty, college coed, and now you’re safely hiding behind your white picket fence. Too bad your curiosity about cock knows how to burrow right under the safety of your suburban dream and pounce on you when you least expect it!

Which is why you’re breathing heavy, asking me whether I can teach you how to be a good little cock sucker for Mistress.

Of course, I know exactly how to turn a mild-mannered, domesticated man like you into a needy, hungry, cock whore on his knees!

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Ms. Piper Punishes Her Sissy Bimbo For Being Too Greedy For Cock

Is it possible to suck too much cock? There was a time when I would have said no, but my cocksucking sissy bimbo has taken it to another level entirely!

I should have known something was up when she got so quiet. I mean, all of my calls went to voicemail, and that just wasn’t like my sissy at all. I, being the understanding Mistress that I am, assumed she was having a bit of a sissy crisis, and might even be purging or trying to pretend she’s a man after all.

I knew she’d be back once she realized it was futile to resist the sissy allure!

Imagine my surprise when I saw my sissy out one night, dressed to the sixes–and by “sixes,” I mean six-inch heels! She was prancing around, being such a flirty, frilly sissy. What was going on?

After watching her for a little while, I realize she was definitely not avoiding me because she was conflicted, but because she was too busy on her knees, sucking cock like a little bimbo slut and pulling her panties down for every Tom, Dick, and Harry–but especially for Dick!

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