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secret sissy fantasies

Sissy Confessions Welcome Here

I heard from my little sissy, Pretty Sissy Ann. She’s in Europe living it up with friends, and little do they know they’re on vacation with a naughty, naughty sissy!

(click here to listen to me read this post to you!)

Well, one of Pretty Sissy Ann’s friends may have some idea, though. See, they were all up in Munich celebrating Oktoberfest, and well, I guess the beer was flowing and so were the sausages. Pretty Sissy Ann said she and her friends were eating “massive” sausages when one of Sissy Ann’s friends thought it would be funny to shove the sausage down sissy’s throat.

Little did she know that Pretty Sissy Ann had been working hard on her cocksucking skills (I mean DILDO SUCKING–Pretty Sissy Ann likes to make that distinction, for now) and did NOT gag!

But I’m sure her friend didn’t notice that sissy took that big, hot, “massive,” meat down her throat without nary a gag, right? WRONG! Her friend was laughing at sissy until it dawned on her that most REAL MEN would have choked on that big phallus. She asked sissy, “Wait. Why didn’t you gag?” Oh, was Pretty Sissy Ann’s face red!

So you can tell yourself that a little cocksucking practice–I mean, dildo sucking practice–won’t hurt anything, and nobody will EVER find out, but you’d be lying to yourself.

When you least expect it, a friend just casually and harmlessly plays a joke on you. Next thing you know, you’re outed as a skilled cock sucking sissy, and your friends start ribbing you about it. You’ll never live it down. They all know your secret, sissy!