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Coerced Orgasms Are The New Denial!

mind fuck phone sex

I want all of you.

Well, maybe not exactly, but I DO love to  yank  those orgasms right out of you, and keep them coming (cumming)!

(If you’re too busy having multiple orgasms to read, just click here to listen!)

Of course what ends up happening is that after you have that initial big squirt, you get super sensitive on your cock, and all that stimulation starts to feel decidedly less than pleasurable. Does that deter me? Hah, you know me well, don’t you?

Oh no, I’m not deterred. I’m only determined to get more out of you! More sperm, more orgasms, more excruciating torment!

I don’t think men are designed to have multiple orgasms, and demanding you to keep stroking after you cum is delicious!

(I do have to pause for a second to give a little wink to my one true multi-orgasmic caller and blog reader. You know who you are *wink wink*. Still looking forward to your next performance!)

How do you feel after you cum, and you don’t get those few little seconds to catch your breath? Are you totally cool with it, or are you so sensitive you think you’re going to flip out if the sensation doesn’t stop?

Let me guess, you’ve never pushed past your orgasmic limit. You’ve never kept the sensation going after you’ve cum. Well, I have a way to make sure you don’t cheat me out of my fun.

Grab a vibrator, and make sure it’s a nice strong one like a Hitachi or anything other than those silly little bullet vibes, and give me a call. I’ll be happy to teach you how to please a Mistress with multiple orgasms!

12 comments to Coerced Orgasms Are The New Denial!

  • Chris

    Love the blog post….Sounds exciting and scary all at the same time!

  • Bob K

    Good morning mistress. Love your BLOG post. But you’ve hit me right where it counts. I’ve never pushed myself past my orgasmic limit. I’ve thought about it more times than I can imagine, but I guess I don’t have the balls to do it. I would love to cum more that once in a session any suggestions?

    • Piper

      Well, if you’ve never had multiple orgasms I’d probably say you’d need to practice. 😉 The goal of a coerced orgasm is to push you past your comfort zone into what makes your Mistress happy. That can sometimes help you have the “balls” to do it. I guess you need to figure out why you want to have multiple orgasms and start there. Hard to say without talking to you, but those are my suggestions for now.

  • Bob K

    Afternoon mistress. Like Chis commented it is both scary and hot. Being one who likes to eat his cum having multiple orgasms and having to eat more than one load is very exciting for me. My hope would be having multiple orgasms and eating it would please mistress. Might that be a start at pleasing mistress? What would make it even hotter would be knowing that you are watching and I’d have no choose but to continue to try to please you.

  • Ms Piper, getting a guy to have multiple orgasms is practically defying mother nature. Only a Mistress true to the art of coercion could pull something like this off. You are a woman for all to look up to.

  • Kurt

    I agree. You are a woman for all to look up to!

  • Kurt

    Not so much buttering you up. But if you can coerce 2 orgasms, how about 3 or even possibly 4? You truly are a women for me to look up to.

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