Contact and IM

How To Contact Me:

  1. Email: piper @ enchantrixempire . com (remove spaces) This is my preferred method of contact and by far the best way to get in touch with me. Emails push to my personal cell phone, so I generally get them even if I’m away from my computer. I strive to answer every email I receive, so if you don’t get a reply within 24 hours, please resend your message. It may have gotten sent to the naughty corner (spam filter) or I may have accidentally missed it.
  2. Twitter: @EnchantrixPiper Please follow me to stay informed about when I post new blog entries, my latest free audios, and other news.
  3. Follow me on Tumblr: I use Tumblr as a playful place to reblog sexy things I see on the web as well as posting my latest blog posts, free audios, etc.
  4. Yahoo IM: EnchantrixPiper. I have made a change in my Yahoo IM availability. I now log in to Yahoo Messenger ONLY for sessions. If you want to set up a sexytexting session, please email me.
  5. Skype: enchantrixpiper. I’m only logged into skype for sessions. Please don’t IM me on Skype if you see me logged on, as you’ll be interrupting a session, and I won’t reply to you. Email me if you want to get in touch.

Appointment Policy

  1. During the normal times I’m logged in, I don’t schedule “appointments.” When I’m logged in, I’m never sure if a call will run long or if I’ll get an unexpected call. If you absolutely need to call at a certain time, please email me and we can discuss that. I’ll do what I can to accommodate you.
  2. I love appointments! Appointments are always given priority over everything else. If you want to be sure you and I connect, schedule an appointment! Check my schedule for the times I’m available for appointments outside of the hours I’m normally logged on for calls. You can also email me and work out a time as well.
  3. I always keep my appointments, and you are expected to keep yours–or let me know if you have to reschedule. If you are more than 10 minutes late, the appointment is considered missed and you will have to catch me another time or when I’m logged in for calls.
  4. If you miss an appointment, your next appointment requests are likely to be denied. You can catch me when I’m logged in or send me a quick email and request a spur of the moment session. Spur of the moment sessions are often impossible, as I’m generally spending time with friends and family when I’m not logged in. Make it easy on both of us and keep me informed, please.

Yahoo IM Messages, Please Read

  • I no longer log in to Yahoo IM unless I’m in a session. If you leave me a message, I won’t get it–AT ALL. Don’t leave me messages on Yahoo IM. Email me.
  • If you interrupt me when I’m in session, I will not reply to you. My sessions always take priority. Please email me instead of trying to contact me via Yahoo IM.