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extreme orgasm denial

Yes, it’s meant to enslave you.

In keeping with our LDW Anniversary Month (15 YEARS!!!) I thought I’d have a little promo of my own, and this one will be for some SERIOUS free minutes!

(click here to listen to the free audio that accompanies this post)

I happen to have two 30-minute blocks of minutes to give away as I see fit, and I thought it would be exciting to have a little super fun contest for them.

So yeah. We’re not talking about a little 5-minute slap and tickle here–although there’s NOTHING wrong with a 5 minute slap and tickle!–we’re talking about a full-on 30 minute REAL erotic phone sex call!

Here’s how the contest is going to work:

  • The contest runs from Friday, November 10 until Sunday November 12. The winner of the free minutes will be announced Monday November 13 around lunchtime.
  • I will choose TWO winners of the free minutes. One block of 30 minutes will be awarded to the client with the most minutes done with me overall, and the winner of the other block of minutes will be drawn at random.
  • For the random drawing, I will give ONE entry for every 10 minutes spent on calls over the weekend. If you call me for 30 minutes, you’ll have 3 entries. Sixty minutes will be 6 entries, and so on.
  • Your total minutes will be computed on all calls of any length–three 20 minute calls count as 60 minutes, or 6 entries.
  • You can only win one block of 30 minutes, so if you’re the winner of the most minutes contest, you’re ineligible to enter the random drawing.
  • YOU MUST TELL ME YOU’RE ENTERING THE CONTEST, and you must let me know if you’ll be available to use your free minutes on Tuesday, November 14. If you’re entering the contest, either tell me your email address on the call or send me your email address via email so I can contact you with the good news!
  • THE FREE MINUTES MUST BE USED ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14. I will be able to arrange a special appointment with you if you’re unable to call during my normal login hours (listed on my schedule). Just let me know over the weekend when you enter the contest when you’ll be available and we can make sure we will be able to connect should you win the minutes.

Oh, and if you’re thinking, “I don’t have a snowball’s chance in you-know-where of winning this contest,” just know that the weekends have been very quiet around here lately. Even a few minutes spent on a call givesĀ  you a GREAT chance of winning!

It’s the PERFECT opportunity for you to swoop in and score some sexxxy erotic phone sex FOR FREE.

So boys, get your dialing fingers ready. I’ll talk to you over the weekend!