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Cuckolds Don’t Get A Side Piece

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Let’s get a few things straight, cuckold!

A few days ago one of my regular cuckolds called me and confessed he was feeling a little like he wanted to get his own little lover since his wife was ramping up her relationship with her girlfriend.

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The entire concept of this cuckold going out and getting himself a side piece was preposterous. I informed him that he didn’t deserve a little PYT (pretty young thing) to stroke his ego and his dick. For one thing, his wife has made it clear that that’s not part of the bargain. For another thing, I wouldn’t ever allow that in a million years.

Cuckolds are cuckolds by virtue of their submission–at least real cuckolds are. I know there are many of you who only play cuckold when your dick is hard, but when you’re “living the dream” of real cuckoldry, you know better than to think the usual rules apply to you.

Honestly, even though you may toy with the idea of being a real man in the bedroom, you know that dipping your stick in a woman who doesn’t appreciate your submission would be an empty endeavor.

So no, you do NOT get to have a side piece, even when it feels overwhelmingly unjust that your wife gets to have loud, juicy, glorious sex while you’re left at home jerking off alone. The injustice was all the years you’ve poked at a superior woman’s pussy and took what you weren’t entitled to. You knew better than to fuck a woman when what you really wanted was to be her bitch.

This is what you’ve always wanted, and now you need to be grateful for what you have, even though it’s difficult. Stop being a whiny complaining little cunt!

4 comments to Cuckolds Don’t Get A Side Piece

  • So well put…..we are cuckolds because we couldn’t satisfy our wives….Why should yet another woman be disappointed? We have failed as men for any number of reasons… tiny penis, bad in bed, too submissive, sissy, locked in chastity……whatever the reason, a cuckold should NEVER think he is man enough to be in a pussy! Our role is to serve and make sure our wives are satisfied by bigger better lovers. Well said Ms Piper!!!

  • Ms Piper, a “whiney complaining little cunt” sums it up nicely. Rules and regulations are in place for a very good reason. I question this young man’s commitment to making his wife happy. It’s a hard life but someone out there has to live it why not him?

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