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Cum Eater Humiliation: Cum On Your Face, You Big Disgrace

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Why do cum eater humiliation whores crave cum on the face?

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This past week two of my cum eating bitches told me they loved it on their face. What’s up with these perverts?

First of all, my sexy policeman panty boy informed me that he thought I ought to “make” him not only brush his teeth with cum, but use it as shaving cream too! Of course, he knew I’d be more than happy to oblige him.

So he ruined an orgasm on his toothbrush, and smeared cum all over his face.

He sent me a picture of him brushing his teeth with sperm (which also meant he went to bed with cum breath). Then he smeared cum all over his beard and gave himself a shave. Both of these activities occurred right before bedtime, so you can imagine what his breath and face smelled like by the next morning!

He smelled of shame and humiliation, that’s what he smelled like! First I made him a denied panty boy, then I made him a humiliated cum eater. Now he thinks up his own humiliation! How far can one man travel down the road to depravity?

Speaking of cum eater humiliation, remember my forty cent sissy cocksucking faggot?

Yes, this sissy cock slut is up to her old tricks again! This time our dirty cum eater serviced eight men in one night! Talk about debauchery and depravity!

This sissy started off her night with a big load of sperm squirted on her face, which she just left there to dry and remind her how nasty a cock sucker sissy faggot she is. Not only did she degrade herself in front of eight horny men, but after her face was adorned with creamy oyster juice, she heard a giggle behind her–a female giggle.

That’s right, one of our sissy’s boyfriends wife came home and saw her on her knees in her sissy lingerie with a cock in each hand, and one in her mouth!

This should serve as a warning to all those cum eating wannabes out there: once you get hooked on cum eater humiliation, there is no end to the craving for more and more degradation–and this mistress is more than happy to provide it! Proceed with extreme caution!

2 comments to Cum Eater Humiliation: Cum On Your Face, You Big Disgrace

  • vanilla

    Ooh, the story about the 40 cent faggot cock sucker whore was soooo hot, and the follow on 80 cent 8 guy sex slave whore is even hotter, especially with a woman discovering him in the sissy faggot act. Very hot indeed. Getting gang banged in front of a woman, who laughs at his humiliation, very sexy. Getting gang banged is hot enough, every time a man finishes cumming in your mouth or ass, another one takes their place, making you know that you are just a set of holes to be used by horny men to satisfy themselves. Maybe it’s time for more than eight? Sitting there, cum dripping out of your mouth and down your chin onto your little titties, and out of your ass and dripping down over your balls and legs, makes you feel like the cock addicted whore you are, a filthy slut puppy fucktoy. Even better if the cocks are all huge black ones.

    The girl should know that he is perfectly trained now to eat cream pie out of her pussy, make him beg for the privilege.

  • Sissy JayMe

    Oh my, Goddess Piper, this sounds so appealing to me, a woman laughing at the sight of me on my red, skinned and bruised knees with cock in my mouth, a stiff jaw, and sperm smeared all over my makeup.
    Only a flaming faggot could endure this humiliation.

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