Today I’m bringing you two more HOTTT posts I’ve recently posted around the Empire. Enjoy!

Cum On Your Face Humiliation With Ms. Piper

I know you NEED to serve me

So today I had a caller ask me why I didn’t like to suck cock and let a guy cum on my face. He tried to explain to me that it’s not disrespectful to cum on a woman’s face!

Of course, I know better. Cumming on anyone’s face is a sign of ownership, of making someone your bitch. Even if this guy actually believed his bullshit about it being about “give and take” when a woman allows a man to do that, on some level he knows what’s really going on.

Which is precisely why I love to humiliate you cum sluts by sending you to get a face full of jizz. Sometimes I make you suck a cock to get it on your face. Sometimes I make you save up your own cum and smear it on your face!

Simply put, cum belongs on a humiliation whore’s face, not on a woman’s (and most DEFINITELY not on mine!)

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Women Don’t Spread Their Legs for Cuckolds

Too bad I won’t be spreading my legs for you, cuckold!

When was the last time you saw a pussy? Okay, let me clarify: when was the last time a woman spread her legs to let you fuck her?

Oh, that long ago? It’s true that women don’t spread their legs for cuckolds. Women want a real man who knows how to use his cock to make a woman fulfilled. It’s not even necessarily about cock size (although, larger is generally much MUCH better). Keeping a woman satisfied means that a man not only has a cock of a suitable size, but he knows how to use it.

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