femdom domination phone sexI had a really interesting and call with a new little sissy this week. She was looking for some discipline and cum eating instruction, and she was indeed quite obedient. I was very pleased!

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During the call, she was dripping and leaking everywhere, and was gobbling up the precum eagerly and happily. She told me how good it tastes. “It tastes sweet!” she exclaimed. I just smiled to myself, knowing she was in for a surprise when it came time to make good on her promise to eat cum.

I did allow her to cum, partly because I wanted her to eat her cum, and partly because she had pleased me so much and had served so well during our call. To her credit, my little sissy slut made good on her agreement to eagerly slurp her clitty soup after she came.

As I expected, my little sissy was surprised cum didn’t taste as sweet as precum. “It tastes really bad!” she said.

I pointed out to her that she doesn’t eat cum for her own pleasure, she does it to serve Mistress. I frankly like that it tastes bad, because the service becomes more meaningful. If it was delicious and wonderful, why would I consider that a sacrifice? Who ever said, “Mistress, I ate this cheesecake and I thought of you the whole time. Aren’t you proud of me?” expecting a reward? Eating something delicious is its own reward!

So yes, cum eating sluts, cum doesn’t taste all that great (although some of you have definitely developed a taste for it!).

You eat cum because you want to please ME, not yourself!