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I’m thinking of you. Are you thinking of me?

You know that I often post all of my links to other things I’ve written for our group blogs, and those blogs almost always have an audio to accompany them. But there are actually lots of other audios I record that you may not be aware of!

(Click here to listen to a super-secret audio about what not to do if you’re a cuckold!)

If you’re really into aural eroticism, then you really do need to get your ears on all of my audios that I record. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen woefully behind on updating my free audios page (as you may or may not have noticed!)

There are actually two places I put ALL of my erotic audios each month. Seriously! Every. Single. Audio. It’s definitely something you need to bookmark and check every few weeks.

Every single audio is placed on one or both of our FREE AUDIO SITES and/or

As you can probably tell, the home for sissy or feminization audios is, and the home for all of the other dirty audios I record (and I actually do post a lot of my sissy audios there too) is

Now, I’m just going to give you a heads up and let you know that you DO have to register to listen to almost all of the audios. Registration is free, however, so no worries there. There are a handful of “PG-rated” audios anyone can access, but the majority require you to sign up and attest to being old enough to handle my dirty talk. 😉

Okay, so I’ve rambled on enough. You can find all of my audios on here: PiperEnchantrix on TeaseMania.

My sissy and feminization audios on can be found here: Ms. Piper on GetGirlie.

***If you can’t view the search results, make sure you’re registered and logged in for the site you’re attempting to view. Have fun!