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Dirty Santa Update: Santa Waiting On Elves (that would be YOU) To Pony Up Some Audio Scripts!

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You Know You Need It!

I know you’ve been checking in, looking for your Dirty Santa Spank Bank Stocking Stuffers. I don’t blame you!

We have had some HOTT sexy audio scripts submitted so far, haven’t we? Problem is, I’ve run out of scripts that I can easily record. I have one devoted elf willing to step up and take up the slack, but I don’t want to work my super ambitious elf to death.

I’m counting on YOU, little elf, to get your hand out of your pants long enough to type up a sexy script for me.

Keep in mind the following tips if you want to get your audio recorded:

  1. Your script should be no longer than 500 words long. I have had to disqualify a script or two because they’re just too long.
  2. Format your script as a message from me, as if I’m speaking to you. Scripts that are stories with characters and dialogue are not suitable for this particular promotion. (Although, I’ll be happy to read your story to you if you’d like to request your own paid erotic audio.)
  3. Submit your audio on my Dirty Santa Spank Bank Submission Form.

I’m looking forward to hearing what my naughty elves come up with!

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