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Dominance and Submission Power Exchange Leaves You Nakeder than Naked

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I often say that BDSM play is so compelling because it strips you nakeder than naked–meaning, you are more exposed when submissive than you ever could be by simply taking off your clothes.

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It’s not enough to be known as a person, as a man, as a sexual being. You want all of your secrets admitted and laid bare. You want to be understood and accepted for the submissive person you are underneath all of your outer facade.

Sometimes I think of myself as the keeper of secrets, invited into that place most women don’t even know exists inside your mind. Submission is something women do with rich men who push past their boundaries and tie them up sorta-kinda against their will. Submission is for the weak, the indecisive, the easily manipulated.

Wouldn’t the world be stunned to find out that the face of submission stares back at them through your eyes? They’d never believe YOU’RE a submissive, would they?

Even if you sheepishly tell the women in your life who you are, they treat it like a phase. They halfheartedly play along, thinking if they indulge you a little, then it’ll be their turn to be the one thrown down on the bed and ravished. The resistance you feel from the women you love eventually causes you to drop the subject entirely, and things always go back to the way they were.

Nobody really understands that this is not just something you like to play at, this is who you are. To deny your submissive side is to ignore huge aspects of your personality and character. To reject this part of you is to, on some levels, to reject the most intimate and vulnerable you.

Nobody gets that–but I do. I understand that your submission cannot ever be removed from the rest of you. I adore the submissive man you are, and I’m MORE than happy to use all of you for my pleasure!

So when you’re feeling frustrated because you don’t feel like anyone gets you, give me a chance to be the one who DOES get you. Don’t you owe that to yourself?

8 comments to Dominance and Submission Power Exchange Leaves You Nakeder than Naked

  • Steve

    Mistress you nailed it! You get it. The submissive male mindset. I would be more than happy for you to use all of me for all your pleasure!

  • Petey Cream Puff

    I know I’ll never have girlfriend as I’m to much into dressing up as one. The only one who knows is my masseuse and she’s married. She understands as she uses perfumes and lotions on my massages and cheeks. Has me using same facial lotions and perfume she uses, She gave me 5 of her old bras to wear saying it would be good for me to wear them at home but not at work at it would be uncomfortable with bra straps and sweating in hot weather. She’s taken over my spending so I can do massages 3xweek for 2 hours and monthly waxings. When I told her that I 20 years of dresses/bras/women’s clothes she said no more as I have enough but told me if I don’t spend on that she will pick out dress for me. With this happening she’s in total control over me as I’m in female lead relationship with her. But that’s ok though as this is what I wanted and it’s happening. I’ll do whatever she wants and asks of me.

  • Kurt

    I think this is one of the most profound posts I have ever read

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Piper, I just have a very submissive personality and don’t have it in me to be dominant. I know it makes me weak but it is just who i am. Losers like me don’t deserve to be in power anyway. It is just the way life is that some people are dominant and others are subservient in life.

    • Piper

      That’s true, tiny tim, but a TRUE submissive is not quite as weak as one might think. It takes a lot of discipline to always adhere to your role, even when you might be tempted to whine or just be lazy. I’m sure you ARE meant to be subservient, but you should understand that being a good sub makes you very valuable to your Mistress.

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