Men are very adaptable. When a Mistress decides to deny a man’s orgasm, he will often attempt to get used to his plight, even though he’s not allowed to cum for a very long time.

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He’ll try to simply forget about masturbation until he’s allowed to cum. He’ll get focused on something else. He’ll find a new hobby. He’ll immerse himself in work.

As a Mistress, I don’t deny a man’s orgasm because I think he’s lacking in hobbies. I deny a man’s orgasm because I want to control him better, deeper, and longer. This tendency to make hard tasks easier must be disrupted, and the best way to disrupt it is with edging.

When you’re required to edge on a regular basis when your orgasm is denied, you’re often in agony. You cannot forget your denial because you’re constantly craving release.

Agony is a wonderful training tool. You must become aroused, stroke, and stop without climaxing. It’s awful, and it requires a lot of discipline and determination to serve. If you are not obedient, then your conscience will plague you. Which would you rather endure: constant unrealized sexual desire, or guilt over not doing what you agreed to do? Neither is very enjoyable; it’s simply a matter of which will make you proud and which will make you ashamed.

I often say that a difficult sacrifice is much more valuable than an easy sacrifice. I don’t want your leftovers. I want your best effort. I want to see how you’ll challenge yourself, what you’ll require of yourself, whether you’ll present me with a thing you’re proud of. Or will you lie, avoid me, and break off communication for a long time?

So let me make one thing clear: orgasm denial is supposed to be hard. When you keep yourself aroused with edging, you make your denial much more precious to me. Isn’t that worth your sacrifice?