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extreme orgasm denial

You know you want to give it all up to serve me!

So it’s pretty much a given when you ask me to take you on as a pet, you’re going to experience some pretty extreme orgasm denial.

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Why? Because I like it! There is nothing to dislike about extreme orgasm denial–at least, from my perspective. Of course, I’m not the one reduced to a puddle of pleading and begging goo.

You don’t mind a little begging, now, do you?

I always tell a man he cannot imagine how much orgasm denial will change him.

Men who haven’t ever experienced Mistress controlling his orgasms will usually express polite disbelief. How bad could it be, really? Well, it can get quite bad, as a matter of fact.

Take my little pet ‘J’ for instance. He’s a young man–a tad younger than me–and he wandered into my lair not really understanding what he was getting himself into. I think he was initially attracted to me because I was warm and kind (which I am).ย He said he wanted me to take control of him, he wanted to serve me.

I liked ‘J,’ and I was very willing to take him on, but he had to understand that he must give up control of his cock, his orgasms, and his entire sexuality.

We started out with a week of denial, but it didn’t take me long to want more. Pretty soon I had him promising two weeks, three weeks, and even longer periods of denial. Sometimes he agreed to moreย just because he knew it would make me happy. Sometimes he needed release so badly that he promised things he later regretted.

He got so horny this past weekend that he begged me for release of any kind–including a ruined orgasm!

He eventually promised me two extra weeks of orgasm denial if only I’d allow him a ruined orgasm–hell, he even promised to eat cum for Mistress! Of course I, recognizing a good deal when I see one, took him up on that!

After he finally did dribble his cum in a puddle and cleaned it up his balls felt a little better–but he was faced with a tad bit of regret now that he had two more weeks of denial added to his tab.

He wished his little ruined orgasm hadn’t been so dissatisfying, and he wished he had just held out and not cum. Now he had two more weeks of denial to look forward to.

Oh well. Too bad Mistress always keeps her word–and always expects her pets to do the same!