We just finished up an intense two weeks of hopping around the Empire, indulging in some good old fashioned mind washing.

(Click here to enjoy this meditation in my voice)

You learned that obedience was more valuable than your comfort. Now we’re going to put that obedience to good use. We’re going to mold you to my will. You will resemble something that pleases me rather than simply pleasing yourself.

Simply put, we’re going to retrain you. You think of yourself in one particular way, but the time will come when you think of yourself completely differently.

You’ll no longer ask, “What do I want?” Instead, you’ll ask, “What does Mistress Piper want?”

Mistress Piper wants you to give up the hollow pride of “maleness.” Mistress Piper wants you to embrace the softer side of your personality, your obedient side. You will learn how to see yourself through Mistress Piper’s eyes.

Mistress Piper’s judgement of you will become your guiding light that leads you to the ultimate goal of attaining Mistress’ approval.

Underneath it all, you need direction from a woman like me. You need me to take over and lead you to something better than you are today.

Let go of your resistance. Let go of your need to control. Allow yourself to embrace the ease of belonging to me. No longer will you have to make difficult decisions. From now on, you will love what I have planned for you.

You will learn to be what I think is best. You will learn to look the way I like. You will think what I want you to think. You will desire what I want you to desire.

You will be my property, and my creation.

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