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From Large and In Charge to “Suck On This!”

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I know who you are, but I still love you!

The contrast between man who gets shit done and man who sucks what Mistress stuffs in his mouth is quite stark, don’t you think?

(If you’re too busy groveling for Mistress, click here to listen!)

It’s a common belief that submissive men are fat little worms who live in their mother’s basement watching porn and fumbling with their impotent little weenie. You and I know different, though. You’re not a broke ass loser with no prospects and no future. You are quite often “large and in charge.”

Maybe you manage a lot of people. Maybe you own the company. Maybe you make a shit ton of money. That’s really of no matter to me; I’m not impressed by all of the things regular women are impressed by. I’m not impressed by you.

I much prefer breaking you down and turning you out. I much prefer turning you into that whimpering powerless wreck you are on the inside.

You try so hard to hide it, but with me you don’t have to hide. It must be such a relief to finally surrender control to a woman who accepts you for who you are. Even if that surrender is costly.

I know you the way no one else does. I see you at your worst. I deconstruct you and strip you down, unleashing those base instincts you pretend you don’t have. It’s humiliating and it’s mortifying, but it’s also something you crave.

That’s why you keep coming back over and over again. Who else knows you so well and accepts you so completely? Nobody but your beautiful, regal Mistress, that’s who.

10 comments to From Large and In Charge to “Suck On This!”

  • princess

    That’s exactly what we…or ‘i’ ….need! A strong demanding Mistress who will show me, put me, and keep me in my place. it doesn”t matter who we pretend to be, Mistress knows who we are. This sub is happy for the privilege to let go and serve.

  • Ms Piper has a way with words and putting boys in that place of “oh shit”! So yeah, submissive men come in all shapes and sizes, some are in the basement at mommies house and some are successful executives, both can have impotent little weenies. I vote for executives topping the list. More stress = more meds = more impotent dicks.

  • Ms Piper

    Not sure if you watch the show Billions on Showtime but one of the main characters is a high profile powerful Alpha Male who is into being humiliated and dominated by women including his wife. Your piece reminds me of that plot on that show.

    • Piper

      I do love the show Billions! The interesting thing about that show is how accurate it is in the portrayal of Chuck, the high-powered attorney who loves it when his beautiful and capable dominant wife brings him down a few notches!

  • Ms Piper, your writing made me laugh out loud several times, particularly regarding the description of the guy living in his mom’s basement. I have to say, you are absolutely right. Those men who are in control are typically the ones who crave submission the most…a reversion to the mean, as they say.

  • Adrianna

    Hi, I just loved your audio about the tan lines and I would love to be able to do that but I am married and that would not be good. However I also listened to you talk about lipstick. I am a lipstick freak and love to coat my lips all the time with bright red. Perhaps I could talk to you?

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