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Hardcore Humiliation phone sex

I want all of you.

I love the inequity when you get on cam for me. I see you, you DON’T see me.

It magnifies the imbalance of power between us, doesn’t it? You’re naked and humiliated, hard, and at my mercy. It’s not fair by a long shot, and that’s the way I like it!

Do you realize how you look when you bend over and spread your ass for me?

You look ridiculous, that’s how you look. All I can think about is how much I want to stuff that hole with all manner of degrading things: dildoes, cucumbers, candles, wooden spoons….

Speaking of wooden spoons, a nasty spanking on cam is what a dirty boy like you deserves!

I love to watch you on cam while you model the panties I told you to buy.

The way your cock head sticks out of the top elastic is hilarious–and your testicle camel toe is the silliest thing I’ve seen all week. Wag your dick in the camera for me! If you impress me, maybe I’ll allow you to make a mess and clean it up.

If you really want to impress me, then flip your legs over your head and cum in your own mouth and all over your face.

Don’t swallow right away, because I want to see you up close and personal with a mouth full of cum and a face full of spunk. Nope, don’t swallow yet! The longer you hold it, the more disgusting it becomes.

God, I am so hungry and eager to degrade you on cam again!